What's with the tattoing your arms craze?

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  • free2beme

    I agree, the right tats on a chick ... can be damn hot! I love the tramp stamp.

  • tec
    It is art for the body.

    Yes, thank you, and that is exactly what it is for many people.

    I know tons of people with tattoos, or piercings, or whatever. It is most certainly not a sign of low morals (as someone pointed out), and in fact, a former boss of mine used to immediately hire anyone who had piercings or tattoos (and qualifications, yes) because in his experience, they work hard, were honest, could have cared less about the gossip going around the workplace, showed up on time, and did their jobs.

    Tattoos do not change the substance of the person. The only reason I don't have one is because I can be so fickle when it comes to what I like (art-wise), and I would likely change my mind about and regret my choice later.

    Also, I'm a wimp :)


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    As a tattoed dude with a tattooed wife...i got my tattoos at 46

    What craze? Its been around for generations!

    I dont understand people who 'have to have' a tattoo of say, a butterfly... But put it on my butt so nobody sees it. Or the person who while drunk walks into a shop, points at a tribal swirl flash art on the wall and slurs 'I wan that...here...on my dick... nah my forehead...'

    but i do understand those who carefully select an original piece of artwork that has personal meaning and are not afraid to show it.

    There are full sleeves, legs, chests and whatever that look awful and there are those that are fantastic. It has a lot do do with the artist and the tattooist. Some peoples pictures should never make it to skin and some tattoists should not be trusted with skin either.

    I have a tattoo cartoon of my wife on my arm with a heart that has been stitched back together behind it. It symbolizes both how gorgeous the is, how good an artist she is, and how she repaired my damaged and torn up heart. On my arm i also have 4 zombie naked girls that i drew within a flame design of my own doing also. They and the flames represent my likes and artwork. That tattoo is done by her while working as a tatooist. When i am 80 and wrinkly they will still mean something TO ME. Even if my likes change, they are part of my journey.

    My wife has a cartoon artwork of me on her arm designed by her, surrounded by mermaids of my design. They mean things TO HER. When she is done with working in stuffy conservative forms of employment, it will develop into a full sleeve.

    We will never put another persons drawing on our skin, nor select a random flash off a wall

    When people get tats because it looks cool, their mates have, its a dare, a rite of passage, because they were pissed, or to fit in, then THATS the ones who will regret it later in age


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Yaddayadda2 said:

    Why are so many guys getting their arms tattoed? Looks awful, like they have been in a fire and have ash all over their arms, or like they have gangrene. Just looks kinda dirty. I have nothing against a tasteful tattoo here and there but what's with so many young guys getting nearly their whole arms tattoed?

    I've boldened the main point YY2 was making. A tattoo here and there is ok, especially when they're tastefully done, but the trend of getting a whole arm done just makes my skin crawl.

    It's not cool and it's not attractive.

  • artemis.design

    Here in the UK it is way to easy to get a Tattoo, and everyone has them. A lot of it comes from roll models like David Beckham. The thing is, his were well done, planned and look truly awsome. Thats quite different than turning up at a Tattoo shop, or worse still, getting a mate to do it. No forthought or individuality, just picking a naff picture out of a naff tattoo book that looks cheep and tacky.

    I don't know about in the States, but near where I live you can get a tattoo for about £10. Any 17 year old kid can get one (although I think legally you are supposed to be 18.)


  • watersprout

    Carrot has the beginning of a tattoo on his arm...Eventually it will be a full sleeve...I quite like tattoo's, only if they are good! It took Carrot years to decide and design exactly what he wanted! I have tattoo on my lower back...Babysprout in Arabic...The only problem with tattoo's is that they are very addictive! If i had the money i would have another one! Hee hee! The friends i have that have tattoo's all have something that represents and means something to them...Soo many people have an ''off the tattoist's wall'' tattoo! I can imagine nothing worse than seeing someone with your exact same tattoo!



  • amicus

    "Exactly. At least the older fads like long hair and platform shoes were easy to ditch once they were out of fashion. Personally, I've always found tatoos to be unattractive."

    Lordy...small minds, small...Oops! I didn't saaaay it!

    You are breathing BPA and gossiping about long hair and tat's?

    Long hair was a fad? Platform shoes were a fad?

    There is a brave new world out there...truth and real history can be unsettling, but you took the first step when you left the WTBTS charlatans...

    Lately I'm kinda pissy because my hair seems to be too curley to go much beyond my shoulders. Damn fads.

    Not enough shit in my streets to wear clogs, but there may be enough here to support virtual clogs?

  • amicus

    Any thing a human does to stand out today is good for mankind.

    Humans were not made to conform to some narrow set of rules.

    Some of you think you left the WTBTS, but are you still slaves?

  • amicus

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    I see a lot of men and women come into the BMV/DMV with neck tatoos- wonder why they always ask for just picture ID's and DL reinstatements? How much, man, is it gonna cost me to get my hardsip (sic) license? Women have a hard time with tattoos of boyfriends who later leave town- who wants a ho with some other guys name on their neck?

    How dare you!

    Honestly, are you a bigot or just ignorant?

  • amicus

    Ahh, got it...BMV/DMV. You are a government leech and protects the blood you thrive on?

    I know...it's a novel concept, but some envision a world without any of you leeches.

    Homeland Security isn't as warm and fuzzy as some as it is to you.

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