Watchtower = Elders can disfellowship people for being too FAT!!! Has this happened?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Watch 1974 p.167 "By disobediently overindulging in food and making a glutton of himself, he fails to show love for Jehovah...If in the presence of others does he selfishly ignore there needs and take more than his share? Is he grossly overwieght but shows no restraint at all as to food, habitually gorging himself? Does he feel un-comfortable, perhaps even sick because of eating too much ...glutton has NO PLACE IN GOD'S CONGREGATION...they will not inherit God's Kingdom..."

    Watch 78 12/15 p.9 "At a meal the glutton may make it impossible for other diners to eat to satifaction {At Bethel maybe}...the glutton may be despised.....they may SHUN HIM.....he may incurr God's displeasure and lose his life....the kingdom will bring law-defying Gluttons to an end..."

  • Iamallcool

    not to my knowledge, well there was 500 lb elder in other congregation in my circuit some years ago. He was always upbeat and smiling all the time. He died from Heart Attack. FYI.

  • Listener

    Double standards

  • Hairyhegoat

    My brother is well big but he ain't a glutten or a fat pig for eating to much!!! he has a medical condition that turns what he eats to fat!

    He has ancanthosis nigrigans and this turns a white boy into a black boy !!


  • aquagirl

    I have elders notes regarding this.They repeatedly discuss This "sister's" weight problem and that she dosent deal with it.They always had different elders and such counsel her...Didnt say if they df'd her or not,but it was certainly on their agenda and minds.

  • Snoozy

    I always felt that being overweight was also, according to the bible, abusing your body just like smoking why disfellowship for one and not the other?

    Stupid rules..


  • blondie

    Only once and it was just a pretext to strip him of his elder duties. He died 6 months later from a disease that made him gain weight.....

  • shepherd

    Elders can disfellowship you for any reason they like.....not all reasons are objective, like if someone smokes or not...some are subjective, like if the elders don't like your attitude.

    I personally know of one case where one man was given a letter of dissociation, already typed out, and with a stamped addressed envelope, to sign and return when he left his wife, a daughter of an elder who had admitted adultery.

    Since she had been given a private reproof for it they felt his leaving her would bring too much attention to something they thought best kept private. If he had signed it would have then looked to all the congregation as if he was the wrongdoer.....and I am sure a little bit of well placed gossip would have sealed it. He did not sign....but faced similar pressure for years afterwards.

    This guy had not done anything at all it just shows how easily all this power is abused.

  • jam

    There are two things that JW,s can enjoy without any hassle from

    the Brothers, drinking and food. A large number of jw,s are over weight,

    men and women. If they start disfellowshiping people for being fat, that

    would cover half the cong. I have know so many young people who got

    married, and two years later the sister and some cases the brother are

    twice their size. What else is it for these young people to do but eat

    and drink. How many JW,s do you know that works out in the gym..

    There are too many factors why someone is fat. A skinny person can

    be gluttonous. I have never heard of A elder speaking to someone about

    their weight.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I knew an elder who used to have dinner after work at his mothers, then his brothers before going home and having another dinner...

    he was BIG and very unhealthy.


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