Why hasn't Jehovah given the GB their "New System of things" manual yet?

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  • moshe
    What is the WTBTS protocol for Har-megadon?

    It appears they already have one for the brothers, by default. Maybe OutLaw can give us a picture of it.

  • blondie

    The WTS says they won't get their instructions until after Armageddon. Revelation 20:12

    *** w09 3/15 p. 12 par. 8 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize ***The resurrected ones are not doomed to failure. Those who come back in the resurrection will not be condemned for sins they committed before they died. (Rom. 6:7) During Christ’s Millennial Reign, as the benefits of the ransom sacrifice are applied, obedient subjects of the Kingdom will grow to perfection, eventually becoming completely free from all the effects of Adam’s sin. (Rom. 8:21) Jehovah “will actually swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will certainly wipe the tears from all faces.” (Isa. 25:8) God’s Word also says that “scrolls [will be] opened,” indicating that those living at that time will be given new information. (Rev. 20:12)

    *** bh p. 214 par. 3 Judgment Day—What Is It? ***According to the apostle John’s vision, “scrolls were opened,” and “the dead were judged out of those things written in the scrolls according to their deeds.” Are these scrolls the record of people’s past deeds? No, the judgment will not focus on what people did before they died. How do we know that? The Bible says: “He who has died has been acquitted from his sin.” (Romans 6:7) Those resurrected thus come to life with a clean slate, so to speak. The scrolls must therefore represent God’s further requirements. To live forever, both Armageddon survivors and resurrected ones will have to obey God’s commandments, including whatever new requirements Jehovah might reveal during the thousand years. Thus, individuals will be judged on the basis of what they do during Judgment Day.

    *** w98 7/1 p. 22 par. 15 “Death Is to Be Brought to Nothing” ***How will returning ones be “judged out of those things written in the scrolls according to their deeds”? These scrolls are not the record of their past deeds; when they died, they were acquitted of the sins they committed during their lifetime. (Romans 6:7, 23) However, resurrected humans will still be under Adamic sin. It must be, then, that these scrolls will set forth divine instructions that all must follow in order to benefit fully from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

    *** kl chap. 19 p. 185 par. 13 When the Knowledge of God Fills the Earth ***There will be an extensive educational program under the direction of the King Jesus Christ and his 144,000 corulers. New “scrolls” will then come into use. Evidently these are God’s written instructions that will serve as a basis for educating earth’s inhabitants. (Revelation 20:12)

    *** pe chap. 21 p. 181 par. 17 Judgment Day and Afterward ***What are the “scrolls” that are opened from which “the dead” as well as “the living” are judged? Evidently they will be something in addition to our present Holy Bible. They are inspired writings or books that contain Jehovah’s laws and instructions. By reading these all people on earth will be able to know God’s will. Then, on the basis of the laws and instructions in these “scrolls,” everyone on earth will be judged. Those who obey the things written therein will receive the benefits of Christ’s ransom sacrifice, and they will gradually grow to human perfection.

  • therevealer

    Evidently they are full of Shite!!

  • blondie

    There are 2 scriptures the WTS uses to tell jws how to prepare for armageddon:

    (2 Chronicles 20:17) YOU will not need to fight in this instance. Take YOUR position, stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah in YOUR behalf. O Judah and Jerusalem, do not be afraid or be terrified. Tomorrow go out against them, and Jehovah will be with YOU.’”

    (Isaiah 26:20) . . .“Go, my people, enter into your interior rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself for but a moment until the denunciation passes over.

    *** w09 5/15 p. 8 Where Should You Be When the End Comes? ***In our day, the “interior rooms” of this prophecy could be closely associated with the more than 100,000 congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world. Such congregations play an important role in our lives. They will continue to do so through “the great tribulation.” (Rev. 7:14) God’s people are commanded to go into their “interior rooms” and hide themselves “until the denunciation passes over.” It is vital that we develop and maintain a wholesome attitude toward the congregation and be firmly resolved to stay in close association with it.

    *** w01 3/1 p. 21 par. 17 Salvation for Those Who Choose the Light ***Today, the “interior rooms” of the prophecy likely have to do with the tens of thousands of congregations of Jehovah’s people around the world.


    if there is an emergency. What is the WTBTS protocol for Har-megadon?

    Find some Sand..Dig a Hole..Put your Head in the Hole..


    "Hope Jehovah takes care of your Ass!"..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Mary
    just where is that manual the elders will need to run the new system of things at anyway?

    Here is it Moshe......it's suber-secret though, so don't let anyone know I gave it to you:

  • moshe

    Mary, Outlaw- Great pictures!

    the "interior rooms" of the prophecy likely have to do with the tens of thousands of congregations of Jehovah's people around the world.

    JWs- go hide in the KH, if you want to, but my emergency adivice is to bring your own toilet paper as rationing will be in effect! Food?- do you need to bring any food and water with you? The GB apparently doesn't think so, so if you do bring some, will you share it with the brothers who didn't bring anything? Have you memorized any kingdom songs to sing when the lights go out? Diapers- don't forget the pampers- nothing worse than a poopy diaper. The KH's have 3, 4 or 5 congregations meeting in one building- uh, JWs, you can't squeeze 1000 people into a 3000 square foot building building, it's standing room only people so don't go to sleep on us! - nobody gets to sit or lay lay down!! - toilets- do you suppose that the 3 or 4 KH toilets will get plugged up with 1000 people getting loose bowels at the same time? Maybe you will need your own adult diapers! Crying kids, wailing adults, screaming girls, oh what a night it will be.

    As you can see, even the GB's simplistic scriptual advice is plainly out of step with the realities of a real emergency.

  • agonus

    I hereby present, for your consideration, unabridged and in its entirety, the full text of the official secret New System of Things Operations Manual:

    Drink the Kool-Aid.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Many lives were lost to bring you this information...

  • agonus

    Or was that the New Era Procedures for Operating Thetans?

  • moshe

    Ver-ry interesting post on Koolaideman's topic today- it appears that Jehoobah has told the GB what they need to do in an emergency- get out of town fast and go hide in a bunker. However, the GB tells JWs to go to a KH and wait for lightning to strike them.

    Johnny told of seeing evidence that architects are involved in what appears to be some underground construction. He doesn't know for sure, but given tensions has wonder if maybe they are for bunkers.

    He detailed the evacuation plan for at the world headquarters there in Brooklyn; for example in stage one they are to open a letter kept in a secret location telling where to hide the Gov Body members and do so; at stage two shred documents; at stage three get the Legal Department staff away.

    He also says a current Gov Body member ordered him to spy on and hack into Facebook accounts. They have an entire book listing which internet places to go to and deal with. He is one of about 10-20 Bethelites systematically doing the internet monitoring and hacking.

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