Why hasn't Jehovah given the GB their "New System of things" manual yet?

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  • moshe

    I never aked myself this when I was a JW, but I should have- just where is that manual the elders will need to run the new system of things at anyway? We can't wait until Armageddon arrives to print it- the WT presses will be shut down by the evil governments by then! They have to have it ready and distributed to the KH's ahead of time. Otherwise the JWs will have no clue what to do- bury the corpses of their neighbors or burn them? Do we all need to start using a digging stick and pee and poop in a hole in the ground? How do we get rid of the "problem" JWs who won't do what the elders tell them to do- hangem' or stone them to death? Not one mention in the new elders manual of what to do when Armageddon breaks out, either. Hmm??



    This is from the WBT$ "New System of Things" Manual..

    Proper Dress for after Armageddon..

    A Book Bag for WBT$ Literature..


    A Pitch Fork to load Dead Babies into Garbage Trucks..


    ................... ...OUTLAW

  • moshe

    OutLaw, JWs just don't think- and as a good friend here has said- JWs are stupid!!

    I hope the JWs have some spare shoes to replace the ones that wear out- as it will be a long time before they figure out how to make shoes again - first they have to kill animals for their hides and then find a brother who studied "cowhide tanning" instead of window washing and carpet cleaning. oh wait- they can remove the shoes from all the corpses and save them for later! Silly me- they will have warehouses full of dead men's shoes. And clothes, too- that should last them a 1000 years- six billion dead people will go a long way- don't forget to save the gold teeth too, guys.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2


  • moshe

    A JW should wonder why Jehovah hasn't communicated anything yet to the F&DS about what needs to be done during the final runup to Armageddon and the period right after. If they don't get any spirit messages about that, then it calls into question the veracity of their current claimed spirit direction. Suppose the big final tribulation is going to start in October of this year, then wouldn't you expect some big preparatory "new light" at the summer conventions? (get your digging sticks ready brothers, to bury your poop) The logical conclusion is that the tribulation has to be so far off, that it's too early to give the brothers their secret survival plans, and that is why the light is so dim. But then, if the tribulation is still so far away, then why did Jesus return invisibly almost 100 years ago, knowing that his original anointed leaders would die off and go through 3 or 4 overlapping generations before the big A- why spend 100 years preaching to people who are all going to die and get ressurrected anyway. The WT's religious history sure seems out of synch with reality, as usual. The obvious truth for JWs is that the WT religion is actually noting more than a publishing company that sells religious literature to people who just love to sell for them and they provide their labor and gasoline for free.

  • bigmouth

    When I get into musings like this Moshe, I usually end up concluding that Jehovah is going to perform a big magic trick and solve the problem.

    It seems that anything that can't be thought through to its logical end will just be solved by a miracle.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    If it's a paradise like Eden, won't we all be naked like Adam and Eve? Then we won't need clothes. Maybe just some sandals to protect our feet from stones and stickers (oops, sorry! No stickers in paradise!)

    Can you imagine spending the next trillion years being told what to do by JW / Watchtower leaders and elders?

    Suicide would probably be at epidemic levels after the first 100 years...

  • LongHairGal

    MOSHE: You ask a very intelligent question. It makes perfect sense that Jehovah would communicate directions for such an important event as the END of a world civilization. Surely help and advice is needed - even for the mental trauma alone not to mention the practical questions you raised. In all honesty their new-system teaching had too many holes in it as far as I was concerned.

  • moshe

    ---suppose you are a man and are engaged to a woman who agrees to marry you next year- but she makes no arrangements for the nuptials, buys no wedding dress, you haven't met the family and you're not even sure she has told them anything. Would you still expect the wedding to happen on time?

    The GB doesn't worry about any "end times" manual, as they must know it isn't going to happen anyway. It's the JWs in the KH who are the dopes- sending more $$ to the GB, where the need is greater. Its a fun game for the WT org and the brothers keep falling for the same trick every few years.


  • jay88

    Moshe-what you say is very interesting. If we look at it, cities large and small,....hell even elementary schools have a protocol

    if there is an emergency. What is the WTBTS protocol for Har-megadon?

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