hall morgage paid Elders please comment

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  • TheLoveDoctor

    Elders please comment, when our hall was paid for and its a double hall the brothers at first wanted to wait a few months to inform the cong. thats wrong since we paid for it and should know all of the finacials. Also the publisher rate was lower very little so that we contiue as if we have a morgage. the publisher rate already includes operating expences, snow removel and sinse the think of everything must include funds for reapairs. so Not lowering the publisher rate drasticly is sinful. we have 3 goodsize congregations and a modest spanish 4 cong in all. at least 325 pubisher and more at one time before recently splitting.

    your thoughts on this

  • Scully

    I'm not, never was, never could be, an Elderâ„¢ (because I was not born with a penis).

    However, my thoughts on this scenario prove to me, and many other people, that the WTS is nothing but a money-grubbing scam machine.

  • blondie

    So how do the elders get that past being on the accounts report every month....or did they stop announcing that?

    *** w90 12/1 p. 24 How Jehovah Prospers His Work ***Once a month, the minister caring for the congregation accounts reads a brief statement to the congregation advising them of total contributions received, expenditures, and donations made by the congregation to the Watch Tower Society to support the worldwide preaching work and other projects.

    *** km 12/08 p. 2 Service Meeting Schedule ***Local announcements. Read accounts report and donation acknowledgments.


    However, my thoughts on this scenario prove to me, and many other people,
    that the WTS is nothing but a money-grubbing scam machine.....Scully

    "Feed the Watchtower Money Pig"..

    "No one else Matters in Watchtower World"..


    ......................... ...OUTLAW

  • TheLoveDoctor

    hello Blodie

    what they do is keep at as it was as money from all 4 congregations send a check to on hall that represernts the opperating committee. therefore its money the congregation must pay. Just like the assembly how we have a deficite before we start and although the true opperating expences are covered but because the congregation agreed to pay almost as much as when we had a morgage, then any shortage of money we said we pay is a deficit even though all expenses are paid.

    then you factor in that other post were the congregation may if aggreed to send surplus money to the wts so they have larger amounts of money to collect intrest on and as a congregation we wouldnt make as much as they can when getting more from all congregations

  • GrandmaJones

    Wow, you had a publisher rate? What exactly does that mean? Is there some donation suggested per family? What about families with a lot of children who are publishers? What's the deal?

  • Hairyhegoat

    My old hall was just payed for this last year 2010, the the regional building comittee came round and said it's not fit for meetings anymore!!! You will have to pay for a new one now over the next 25 years @ 3% interest on the money they already sent to bethell buliding fund. The old hall was fine still , and it's a scam to get more money out of the drones They had to borrow 66k and at 3% that's another 50k on top of the loan that was the congregations money to start with!!!!! They do this 3 times a month in the UK to halls around the country, nice money spinner for the bitchtower.

    What a bunch of parrasites


  • blondie

    Well, I knew more than the average, since my husband handled the accounts for 10 years. So they don't announce what was paid on the mortgage and what remains, just a general amount paid to the operating? Even then my husband announced that $x was paid on their share of the mortgage to the operating fund and the balance of the mortgage. My husband is a professionally trained accountant and found many inaccuracies and deceptions over the years...but he refused to participate and they adjusted because it was too hard to find a "qualified" brother. I can remember in one congregation an elder announced the mortage was paid and that people could donate less. It seems that another elder in the congregation was poised to remodel the hall because his wife was not happy with the decorations and amenities. Donations dropped off dramatically. Many disgruntled jws are willing to donate for the congregation expenses but not to the ambiguous worldwide work. Several times the CO said that the congregation was not sending in enough money to cover the "value" of the publications being received.

  • treadnh2o

    "Several times the CO said that the congregation was not sending in enough money to cover the "value" of the publications being received."

    And Blondie opens the door for wisecracks..............

  • InterestedOne

    Yeah, what do you mean by "publisher rate?"

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