Voting a conscience matter??

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  • Cynisister

    Happy New Year one and all!,

    The local elders sent a letter home with my hubby, pretty much stating that after "many" attempts to visit and speak with me, this letter is once again asking to meet because it came to their attention that I voted in the last pres. election. So they need to "clear this up" and discuss the "next step".

    Yes, I voted (and I felt great about it!!!)

    Why are they making this an issue! The Nov. 1, 1999 Questions from Readers clearly states more than once that voting is ultimately a conscience matter. I cannot find any "new light" since then. Does anyone know what the WTS's stance right now is on this subject?

    I appreciate it!


  • drewcoul

    That is exactly how I remember it too. It came out that no one should judge someone if they are found to have voted, but someone who votes should understand that they may be accountable to God for the actions of anyone they voted for if they are elected.

  • boyzone

    Cynisister. You are correct. The 99 WT does make voting a conscience issue. Your local elders may not be aware of this article. However, whilst allowing witnesses to make such a conscience decision, the article then goes on to use 5 seperate points to tell you what your conscience decision should be.

    The secret elders manual makes these points, and I believe it is these reasons why you are being pursued

    Since true dedicated Christians are "no part of the world," if a member of the congregation unrepentantly pursues a course in violation of his Christian neutrality, he thereby disassociates himself from the neutral Christian congregation. (John 15:19; 17:14-16; w82 1/15 p. 31)

    Elders should talk to one known to be contemplating taking such a course, since he may be doing so in ignorance. (Ps. 119:67; Gal. 6:1; 1 Tim. 1:13)

    If he disregards the help proffered and pursues a course in violation of Christian neutrality, a committee should send the facts substantiating the disassociation to the branch office on the S-77 and S-79 forms. [See also ks91 p143]

    If the elders insist on meeting you, it could go badly if you don't thoroughly know your stuff. How would being disassociated ultimately affect you? Have you got close family in?

    This helpful webpage is excellent to read through to give you some solid arguments for your case.

    Good luck and please keep us informed.

  • boyzone


    This is all I could find on the subject in the new 2010 elders manual. As you can see, it uses the 99WT as a reference.

    Taking a course contrary to the neutral po-
    sition of the Christian congregation. (lsa.
    2:4; John 15:17-19; w99 11/1 pp. 28-29) If he
    joins a nonneutraJ organization, he has disasso-
    ciated himse1f. If his employment makes him
    a clear accomplice in nonneutral activities, he
    should generally be allowed a period of time up
    to six months to make an adjustment. If he
    does not, he has disassociated himself.-km 9/76


  • leavingwt
    Why are they making this an issue!

    Nothing has changed. Voting is an automatic disassociation.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The official stance is that it is strongly suggested that you do not vote.

    If an unbelieving husband forces his wife to go with him to the

    polling booth she is expected to cast a vote for God's Kingdom or

    do nothing and turn in a blank sheet of paper.

    The Witnesses are more critical of voting now than they were

    10 years ago. Voting is almost as taboo as taking blood. If you vote

    I don't think that they would officially disfellowship you for that

    because in today's political climate that would be bad PR if it

    became public knowledge.

    Sour Grapes

  • Gayle

    The Society does a 'double-talk' like this. Some countries (I don't know which) require voting so the Society manipulates that its members go and put in Jesus Christ or whatever. But the Society there in those places would get into trouble if there was any indication that its member couldn't go. In reality the WTS denies their members to vote in 'free' countries as those countries don't require ones to vote if they don't want to. So in countries requiring to vote, the WTS does a false front about that.

    Someone did show (not a scan tho) what that Nov 1 1999 QFR says. Maybe copy that and have your husband give them a copy? If someone can give you the actual scan through a PM, that would be more undeniable to the elders.

  • Gayle
  • boyzone

    by the way, do the elders know who you voted for? If you've kept that info private then you could claim to have put anything on the ballot paper and they'll have no case against you.

  • Medina

    Please, just out of curiousity, who did you vote for?

    I would go for R. Paul. Hey, just another question, how do you guys change your account settings...

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