Can anyone ask to see the congregation or assembly accounts report?

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  • blondie

    *** km 3/08 p. 3 Announcements ***Someone designated by the presiding overseer should audit the congregation’s accounts for the months of December, January, and February. The same person should not be used for consecutive audits. When the audit is complete, an announcement should be made to the congregation after the next accounts report is read.—See InstructionsforCongregationAccounting (S-27).

  • therevealer

    Funny story and the point in Blondie's last post about the same person not doing consecutive reports is interesting. I was slowly diminished in my "privileges" (helping at mag counter, reading tower and even bookstudy as my hours were considered to low. But, and I think it is a big but, I was asked to audit the accounts. It was a real pain if you took it seriously and went through all the receipts etc. which is why it was hard to get ones to do it and why even though I was censured regarding the other "privileges" I was still asked by the PO (yes it was still PO) to do it. It just shows the stupidity of all the rules and bull. Because the other "privileges" if given could "stumble" some poor hypocritical soul nada. But auditing the accounts was not something that others new the details of so I was good enough for that.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Even though I will muddy the water more, I will put in my thoughts.

    Sure, you might be able to see the congregation accounts report, but just the report as read at the meetings (or maybe as it used to be read).
    Ask to see any details and the elders (or other elders if you are one) will just want to know why. But for the most part, the congregation accounts are an open book to the members. There just isn't much to them- electricity, mortgage, operating expenses, money to the WTS.

    NOW, at the assemblies, the operating costs are not even really available to the elders who decide to pay them. Oh, they get the idea when some new walkie-talkies are needed for security or something is purchased by the circuit for the circuit overseer's use. These things, they are told about. But they just know that the operating expenses are predetermined and set- they vote to pay them or not (and it better not be "not.") If they were to ask to see some details on how those set amounts were arrived at, well... they wouldn't be happy. That's the elders. It'd be harder for a member, let alone a sister to dare to ask.

  • NewYork44M

    I was account servent for 15 years and was good at it. Which is why I was the servant for so long. I kept the records very orderly. When some one reviewed my records it was a very easy audit.

    It would not be difficult to steal money. The bros that did the audit were generally inept. I usually had to work with them to help tme throug the audit. That being said, I never stole any money and never considered stealing. I just kept thinking of ways that it could be done.

    This is probabably one of the only positive effects of being a witness. I ended up becoming a CPA and am now an auditor.

  • ssn587

    Just remember you will know the truth and the truth will set you free, that is of course if you aren't asking the truth of just how the expenses at the 1 day, 2 day or Disctrict assembly were accumulated. Then there is no freedom, you will be ostracised (spelling) and marked and be under a microscope. I have asked on and off about why are they donating $$$ to the society when the bills haven't been paid yet, and there (supposedly) exists a defecit man talk about getting a jaundiced eye thrown at you.

  • ThomasCovenant

    Thanks for the link St George.

    I have been looking at our local assembly hall accounts. First off, I don't understand accounts.

    It seems to me that total assets are about £4 million. And running costs are about £170k.

    That should last them about 20 years without any more contributions needing to be asked for.

    Why keep saying ''we're short''?

  • blondie

    Are you looking at the cash amount...assets can also mean property and equipment.


    Hi ThomasCovenant

    That should last them about 20 years without any more contributions needing to be asked for.
    Why keep saying ''we're short''?

    They've got £0.7m in the bank, enough to keep everything running for four years without any more contributions. The remaining assets are the Hall itself. When they mention they are short they normally use phrases like "there is a deficit for this assembly so far of £xxx" and read it out on a Sunday lunchtime. They want each weekend to break even or make a little so they don't have to dip into their £0.7m bank balance!

    I certainly wouldn't consider myself short of a penny if I had £0.7m in the bank

    hope that helps


  • ThomasCovenant


    I saw the £700k figure but couldn't make out where the £4 million was. As I said accounts is not my strong point. I suppose it could be viewed as fair enough they don't want to dip into the £700k and so have to keep money coming in every weekend to pay for costs.

    Can't make out why telephone bills are about £3000 a year mind you. Or why food costs were £10,000. Unless the food is for elders schools or pioneer schools.

    The previous accounts are also available if anyone cares to look.

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