Is the Watchtower nothing but one big scandal?

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  • sabastious
    Just a few months after leaving a Witness said to me that he felt they had "90% right" and I replied that I felt they had "90% WRONG !"

    Funny you would mention that figure. That is the exact figure my older brother uses when he defends the Watchtower. It's kind of a personal mind f*ck, you know? I mean has he really sifted through all what he agrees with to come up with that figure? Or is it just a way to make the "doubts" subside.


  • Sayswho

    Moshe: Sad but so true IMHO also...

    For some people who have weak social skills the KH might be a more desirable alternative for them.- in the KH people can get respect for doing worthless WT busy work every week- and the more hours of it you do, the higher your rank is in the KH. It's all a matter of perspective and as long as you never leave the KH, you have the luxury of delusion, i.e., you are better than everyone else in the community, because the WT leaders say you are. I think it must be very hard right now for JWs to feel good about themselves, as the public's viewpoint of them is only getting worse.


    I know the arguments against their claims and they make sense to me. It's just a hard emotional (not logical)
    pill to swallow when I'm confronted with evidence of blatent Anti-Christian behaviour
    coming from the Jehovah's Witnesses the ones that claim to be the "only true Christians.".....Sab

    Hey Sab..

    I try not to be too hard on individual JW`s..

    They turned their Brains Off long ago and Parrot what ever the WBT$ says..

    It`s fun to wake them up every once in a while..

    The WBT$ is an Anti-Christ organization..Loyal WBT$/JW`s don`t understand that..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    I understand the cult personality logically, but emotionally I can't wrap my head around it.

    Its easy to acknowledge why when you consider the indoctrination process that all JWS go through.

    There is so much laid out questioning designed with controlled and set answers attached, all expressed in a

    provocation of fear. Agree with everything we say and do or die, question what we teach or deal with the consequences

    of being DFed and shunned by your family and friends who we told you were to only have association with.

    The over bearing controlling faction of this organization is the reason today people describe it as a cult.

    Once a individual has been coerced by others who have also been coerced the problem recycles itself.

    Fear is the catalyst that drives this organization and sustains its controlling power.

    Without it the WTS. would have crumbled down decades ago.

  • designs

    Few Religions start off with the intent to scam people, any corruption usually comes over time as opportunists see someway to take advantage of the goodwill within the group.

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