Flow Chart - How To Have A Rational Discussion

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  • John_Mann

    It cannot be used to support either atheism or theism to exclude the other. In other words I have come to the conclusion that evolution is compatible with both atheism and theism. So when I use the term evolution I will be talking about evolution itself and not about theism or atheism.

    Unless you are copying with a fundamentalistic christian. For they the evolution must apply to atheism.


    Interesting change of words. The thread is about having a discussion. Why does it have to turn into a debate?

    Actually, the title of the image posted by the OP states "Debating a Christian".

  • jgnat

    AGuest, I just recently revisited this thread. There can be no such thing as a "pure evolutionist" as it assumes that there is a position or belief of some kind. As in, "I believe in evolution so I will fit the facts to suit my belief."

    I do trust ockham's razor. Trusting that the simplest explanation must be true leads me to believe that the light of our multitudes of stars truly does take millions of years to reach us. This leads to an inescapable conclusion regarding the age of the earth. This is not belief, other than belief in following the consequences of reason.

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