Flow Chart - How To Have A Rational Discussion

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    The first question is essential. If one is unwilling to change his mind, no discussion can take place. Honesty demands that we must be willing to change our minds.

    Many religions, however, demand 100% loyalty to core doctrine, no matter what the evidence is.

    The JW mind is a great example. How many times have we heard the story of the Circuit Overseer who held up the green NWT Bible, only to declare that if the Society told him this Bible were purple, then he'd believe it was purple.

    If one is unwilling to accept the the green NWT is clearly green, despite what 'mother' tells him, he is forever lost within a delusion.

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  • aniron

    Does the same apply with a Christian debating an atheist?

  • leavingwt
    Does the same apply with a Christian debating an atheist?

    The Christian can offer a better reward than the atheist. The atheist can offer you eternal nothingness, the same fate as the bugs on your windshield. The Christian can offer you eternity with Jesus Christ in infinite bliss. <----- Uphill battle, regardless of reality.

    There are many intellectually honest Christians on this forum. Some of them will admit that they have the "God gene" and that their entire belief system is not exactly rational. They are incapable of believing that "this life" is all that there is. Moreover, they are 100% convinced of their love of Christ and his love in return.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Does the same apply with a Christian debating an atheist?

    Interesting change of words. The thread is about having a discussion. Why does it have to turn into a debate?

    Also, a discussion, by nature, goes in both directions. The rules of discourse apply to all parties or else it isn't a discussion. It doesn't matter if both parties are atheists, Christians, Martians, or one of each.

  • cofty
    Does the same apply with a Christian debating an atheist?

    Of course, always demand evidence to back up claims.

    In his speech at TED Dawkins referred to a spoof scientific paper on the fate of the dinosaurs. Here are the list of essays...

    1. The president of the Royal Society has been vouchsafed a strong inner conviction that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs

    2. It has been privately revealed to professor Huxtane that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs

    3. Professor Hauldley was brought up to have total and unquestioning faith that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs

    4. Professor Hawkins has promulgated an official dogma binding on all loyal Hawkinsians that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs

    Now if an atheist ever appeals to logic like that then yes you should refuse to debte with them.

  • JeffT

    Does this flow chart apply to political discussions?

  • fokyc

    Most JW's are incapable of partaking in a 'rational discussion' and the thought of following a flow chart!!!!

    WELL!! So most will end up with:

    "This is NOT a discussion."

    "I will not talk to you about this topic."
  • leavingwt

    Atheists and Christians have one big thing in common, IMHO.

    Both groups are absolutely convinced that God does NOT hate them.

    If that isn't nice, what is?

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