What Are Some Stupid Things JW's Ban

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  • DanaBug

    Glad that wasn't just my mom's crazy idea, lol! I'm gonna look that up, see if it was in a publication.

  • SlipnSlide

    Going to worldly funerals

    Having worldly relatives live with you.

    Kissing something up to God

    Movies where Christmas songs are sang

    Going to the club

    Riding alone with the opposite sex

    Attending Alcholics Anonymous

    High hemlines

    Not wearing pantyhose to the meetings and service

    Making a toast

    Listening to any so that praises God (example Yolanda Adams "Open Up My Heart").

    This is real stupid, but anything with "erythorbate", which was added to food and we were told that it contained blood. That rumour ran around in my hall in the Midwest in the late 70's.

  • satinka

    I see Chess is on the list. I was told Chess was wrong because it was a "war game."

    I was a member of several congregations (in Saskatchewan and Alberta) where brothers were not allowed to wear colored shirts.


  • GLTirebiter

    There are the official bans they can put in writing, and the unwritten "conscience matters" where you know what we mean, so just do it without us having to say so!

    So with that intro, add "Independent thinking" to the list.

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