What was the worst part of the conventions for YOU?

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  • four candles
    four candles

    Being an attendant and telling people to go and sit down when the books came in the boxes before the talk finished. Some brothers and sisters were so rude with that. So much for brotherly love!!!!!

    But at least on the security side we got to walk around legally lol!

  • 3Mozzies
    If you were lucky to take a Bus there......... I bet you only did once....
    Yeah Let's All Sing Kingdoms Songs.

    This is the main reason why I NEVER took the bus to the convention. I would hear of how they would sing dorky Kingdom songs and I avoided the bus like the plague.

    All I heard for weeks before a Convention how great the Drama was going to be......
    They SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! No I did not look forward to the Drama.



    I hated walking to the convention from the car park and back to my car at night as well. Our DC here in Melbourne is held at the Tennis Centre, the car park is a 10min walk away at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) The total capacity of the MCG is approximately 100,000. On most days there was a football match on and we had to walk through that massive crowd in our suits with our stupid JW badges....ahhhh how embarrassing!!!

    Oh how sweet freedom is when you stop doing what you HATE!


  • clearpoison

    Oh the bus, there was a very spiritual sister who always started the singing thing. It never happened before she moved to our congregation, so it really was she only who wanted this, but others followed for some reason (the backstabbing discussions afterwards were funny to follow, she kind of got weirdo status just for this). The funny thing with that was that I remember at least three occasions when bus tyre was punctured slightly after she started singing high and hard. Was it a sign, maybe, so we had to switch to other congregations already filled bus. The good part was that the song did not continue there.

    Then we had those ending prayers, which continued at least five minutes. You were already with other foot kind of going out and this brother kept going on and going on, making sure that he told the same things again and again from three different angles.

    The Drama, same feelings as mentioned earlier. I really had hard time watching those, I felt ashamed for them for the acting and sometimes for the story. So I sat mostly face down just listening. Other feature I could not stand to watch was those small demos where youngsters were sorting out their problems, first with worldly pals and then with parents, with predictable results. The language used was, ummm, not contemporary.


  • boyzone

    worst part was trying to keep lively toddlers amused and motionless in a space the size of a shoebox for 3 days. HELL on earth.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread
    I remember an over weight guy with dark sun glasses on and ear phones plugged into his head.

    I know that brother!!!!


  • nolongerwaiting

    Getting up early, the long prayers when you just wanted to leave, the symposium, and the baptism talk because you heard it three times a year anyways and it was right before lunch. :D

    NLW's wife

  • MrMonroe

    Hey 3Mozzies, I've sent you a PM. (Click on envelope logo at top of the page).

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Every year i hated them more and more.

    and what was really difficult was the place was freezing cold and the outside was often 100 deg I had to bring sweaters hat gloves than we would eat lunch in the car and it would get hotter hotter than back inside to the freezing temps for three #@*# days

  • fokyc

    The bit between 'the start' and 'the finish';

    Just the same for a '1 day', '2 day', '3 day' or even an '8 day'!

    I hated it ALL!

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    The parts in between the opening song and intermission, and intermission and the closing prayer.

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