Swiss Branch closing down

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    "The "


    "Bethel UnEmployment Program"..

    ST. Marys Catholic Church..

    Soup Kitchen..

    "A Wonderful place to Meet"..

    "Former WBT$ Bethelites"..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • snowbird

    ROFL @ WasBlind and Outlaw.

    You two are a riot!

    May the decrease continue.


  • james_woods

    Somehow it reminds me of the old original Metal group Deep Purple with "Smoke over Water":

    "Swiss Time was running out"

  • Gerard

    tic-toc- tic-toc- tic-toc - tic-toc- tic-toc -tic-toc

    The WashTowel's time is running out.....

  • straightshooter

    More Bethels closing. A sign that the WTS is feeling the financial crunch of this recession upon the poor undereducated jws who contribute their meager funds.

  • james_woods

    I have a theory:

    Practically none of the Branches really carried their own weight (that is, financially, from the country they were in.)

    The understory of this may well be that U.S. WTBTS is no longer willing or able to subsidize them.

  • slimboyfat

    These are historic closures. Isn't the Swiss branch one of the oldest, if not the oldest branch in Europe after Britain? And during Nazi occupied Europe, it was the last remaining base on the continent for Watchtower activities. I have a few Golden Age magazines in German that were produced at the Swiss branch. This was back when local branches retained editorial control of the magazines in local languages, and many of the articles were were written specifically for a German readership. I wonder if the branch closures will be discussed in the yearbook and what spin they'll put on it.

  • dogon

    I think this goes deeper than just the Swiss. If the USA were bringing in the money that they once did, they would support the branches that were not able to support their own weight. This shows that the USA is not bringing in the funds they once did. What happened to the "god is blessing the expansion work that will continue to the end" crap? Does this mean that the end is here right now? I am sure they will spin it to their advantage whatever happens. It’s how they always do it. Sara Palin has nothing on these idiots. It took me a many years to get past the mind control but now I am so free of the power they once exerted that I wonder how I ever let it happen.

  • agonus

    Maybe they were con-CERN-ed about potential large collisions...

  • Gayle

    If they can't help support the branches in countries like Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland and such,,how in the world will they support or even care about the real third world countries where for right now anyway is the greatest increases. Those poor third world countries will burn out quite quickly.

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