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  • cabasilas

    For those researchers wanting access to Kingdom Ministries that are not on the Watchtower Library CD:

    Here are the Kingdom Ministries for 1966 (US edition). 1966 was the year that the book Life Everlasting in Freedom of the Sons of God was first released. There are a couple of mentions of the book in these KMs. In the October issue (page 2), this presentation is suggested to offer the new book from door to door:

    20 min : Discuss and demonstrate suggested
    sermon for November.
    Theme: Life Everlasting in a Better
    System of Things
    Ps. 37:10, 11-Wicked to be destroyed,
    righteous preserved into peaceful
    new system of things
    Ps. 37:27-Must turn away from bad,
    learn and do what is good
    Ps. 37:34-Those hoping in Jehovah
    wlll see end of wickedness shortly

    Suggested introduction and transitions:

    We are living in a system of
    things where there is much wickedness.
    Honest-hearted (peace-loving)
    persons wonder if God is forever going
    to tolerate wickedness and evildoers.
    What do you think? [Allow for response.]
    Notice what the Bible says at
    Ps 37:10, 11 [Read and emphasize
    promise that wicked will soon be no
    more and righteous will be blessed
    with life everlasting in peace on this
    earth.] Would you like to live forever
    in a world with no wars sickness
    sorrow or death? [Allow for response.]
    Well, the Bible tells us how we can be
    part of such a peaceful world. At
    Psalm 37:27 we are promised [Read
    and make point that we not only must
    turn from bad but also must do good;
    must study Bible to learn what God
    requires.] In this same book of the
    Bible, in verse 34, we are told: [Read
    and stress again need to study Bible
    in order to know and keep Jehovah's
    way; then we will actually see end of
    wickedness.] We have the unique privilege
    of living at the time when these
    promises will be fulfilled. This book
    "Life Everlasting-in Freedom of the
    Sons of God" contains an interesting
    chart on pages 31-35 showing that
    this present system of things does not
    have many more years left. [Be careful
    not to make any predictions about
    when certain events are going to
    occur.] I would like to encourage you
    to check into this Bible chronology
    and other fine points in this
    publication. The book along a
    booklet is left for just 50 cents.

    After discussing and demonstrating
    sermon chairman can comment on
    following points: At outset it would
    be good in some cases to invite house
    holder to get his Bible. Encourage
    householder to express self. Endeavor
    to start a study on the first call if
    circumstances make that possible;
    may use new book or a booklet. In
    giving sermon we should not make
    any predictions about Armageddon's
    coming in a certain year; let them
    read the chapter and see what the
    evidence indicates.

    While 1975 was not supposed to be preached at the door, the idea was for the householder to get the message as they read the book!

    No wonder the December issue (page 4) said:

    "Never have we felt the nearness of Armageddon and the urgency of our work as we do now."

    The file for the December 1966 Kingdom Ministry is 49 MB, bookmarked and searchable. It can be downloaded from:


    The KMs for 1967 and 1968 are being prepared.

  • hamsterbait

    I remember a presentation suggested in Kingdumb Misery from 73-74(?) where we were told to emphasise that 1975 will be "a CRUCIAL year".

    This too has been removed from the CD.


  • cantleave

    1966 = the year my mum was baptised (and I was born). The end was so damned close, I wouldn't leave school 0 probably wouldn't even start it.

  • cabasilas

    Typo above. In editing the post, I mistakenly said the file was just the December KM. Sorry about that.

    The file is all Kingdom Ministries for 1966, January to December.

  • cabasilas

    For new Forum members: the 1966 book Life Everlasting in Freedom of the Sons of God (with the text and chart mentioning 1975) can be downloaded from this filesharing site:


    This was the era when I first started associating with the JWs and I well remember the excitement and distributing this book door to door.

  • Atlantis


    Excellent! Thank you so very much!


  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Good Work!! Thanks a zillion

  • cabasilas

    You're welcome, Atlantis and Moggy Lover!

    Here's a black and white scan of the suggested door to door presentation with the Life Everlasting book from the October 1966 Kingdom Ministry where the JW is told to point out the chronological chart from this book showing that "this system of things does not have many more years left." The JW is told not to predict a year for Armageddon but let the person read the chapter with the chronological chart to "see what the evidence indicates" themself.

  • clarity


    Thanks for the prints. I loved the book 'Life Everlasting' also. So excited I pioneered at that time.

    Now that was a bit of a disaster, but a story for another time.

    There was a brochure that was furtively slipped into the hands of very perplexed householders, ...maybe 1974,(?), very to the point! Wish I had saved one. The main rule was just to hurry through the neighborhoods with it. Just place it ... very little talking! End is so close!

    Does anybody remember that?


  • cabasilas

    That sounds like the Kingdom News tract # 16. It was released, as I recall, at the 73 Convention.

    I've finished the 67 KMs and will post them soon along with the 68 KMs. Here's a gem taken from the March 1968 KM (page 4) about the 90 months left before the Fall of 75. It was to encourage us to vacation (now auxiliary) pioneer in the short time before Armageddon:

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