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  • satinka

    Great thread, Outlaw ... as usual...!

    Blondie's article provides proof that freedom which religions lobby for has gotten waaaaay out of hand. You can do just about anything "in the name of religion" or "in the name of God" and get away with it.

    How about protecting a child from becoming a victim of their parental conditioning or propagandizing? Now, that would make some sense to me.


  • Retrovirus

    Marked, thank you!

    There is a group of JWs who i've met twice on my morning walk. Each time they send a little pre-schooler to intercept me and give me a pamphlet; I'd take it because i didn't want to upset the kid.

    Now I'm thinking, perhaps instead I could chat a little and finish with "it's been a long time, but nice to see you let the kids talk to apostates now!"

    would that work, or is there a better way?


  • Scott77

    Outlaw, very excellent post. I look to the day when the WBT$ will be no more. Then the children will be safe.


  • Heaven

    When I was a kid, we were still just studying. Luckily for me, my Mom must have hated Field Serve-Us too as she didn't go. Her excuse was because she smoked. (oook... whatever). She did tried to get us to go, though, but I would always counter with the Bible doesn't say handing out magazines gets you eternal life. There was pressure, but not as much as others. Besides, my Dad wasn't a JW back then either so it was easier for us.

    I feel for all these people, especially the children (isn't this illegal?) who are being bullied into doing something unscriptural in fear of losing their "prize". Such a shame the burden JWs carry for their publishing corporation.




    Ya "Blondies" posts Rock..Always alot of good information in them..

    It`s too bad Children can`t be protected from the WBT$..


    Your Welcome..

    It`s pathetic how JW`s hide behind little kids..

    So they don`t an earfull of what people really think of them..

    Most people don`t want to be mean,to a little kid..



    I don`t think the end of the WBT$ is going to happen anytime soon..

    I was one of those WBT$ JW Child Laborers for the WBT$..

    I had no Choice..

    I`d love to see JW Children protected from WBT$ Exploitation..


    You were lucky to find a way out of Working for Free,for the WBT$..

    Most of us JW Children weren`t so Lucky..

    Your Right..

    The WBT$ & Jehovah`s Witness`s have a lot to be ashamed of..

    Jehovah`s WItness`s should Knock on Doors..And..

    Apologise to anyone who will listen..LOL!!..

    "Good Morning"..

    "We`re in your Neighbourhood...Knocking on Doors.."..

    "To Apologise for being Jehovah`s Witness`s"..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • Botzwana

    I think the society is following the Biblical example of Samuel. Didn't he choose to never marry and to be a priest when he was 10 years old?

  • thetrueone

    The Watchtower Publishing company wants to control as many people as possible to expand their power

    and control over a wider base of the population, even children are looked upon as possible servitude slaves

    to their marketing agenda. From the very earliest days of C T Russell, he coerced believers into peddling his literature

    door to door, claiming it was true gospel preaching and the individuals would be blessed and approved by god on judgment day. (saved)

    I doubt if Russell and his associates were low enough to exploit children, this child exploitation

    most likely started in the 50's.. I can personally remember going door to door at the age of 12 and not liking it.

    I dont recall anywhere in the bible that children should preach throughout the land.

    Then again I don't recall the bible saying to print magazines and sell them door to door either.

  • Heaven

    Jehovah`s WItness`s should Knock on Doors..And..

    Apologise to anyone who will listen..LOL!!..

    LOL @ Outlaw! I think you're onto something here.

    I think the society is following the Biblical example of Samuel. Didn't he choose to never marry and to be a priest when he was 10 years old?

    Botzwana, the key word in your sentence is 'choose'. In Watchtower world, it isn't a choice. Everyone HAS to be a preacher. Please show us the Biblical scripture that says we all have to be preachers and handout Watchtower publications for eternal salvation. This is what I was told.

    And.... this was Samuel's personal choice. How many kids say they want to be a cowboy, astronaut, firefigher etc. but never go into these professions when they become adults? A choice in childhood does not predicate a mandatory life sentence in vocation.

    Because the Watchtower says this work is mandatory, it could be held that they are breaking the law forcing/guilting children into witnessing. It could also be defined as a form of child abuse.

    I think the society is following the Biblical example of Samuel.
    Didn't he "choose" to never marry and to be a priest when he was 10 years old?.....Botzwana

    JW Children don`t have a Choice..

    Jehovah`s Witness Children work for the WBT$ for Free..

    Or face the Consequenses..

    "Wouldn`t going out in the WBT$ Field Service"..

    " Be more Fun,than a Beating?"..


    ........................ ...OUTLAW



    My brother is an elder. He has 3 kids who have been raised to preach from an early age. They would ''place'' magazines as youngsters to being ''pioneers'' today. They all work part-time jobs today so they can ''pioneer''. Two of them went to college and were offered good paying full-time jobs. But at the end, they decided that working part time and ''pioneering'' was their best choice.

    When they were around 12-14 years old,they were made to ''pioneer'' in the summer months. They would ''pioneer'' in the hot summer months while all other kids would be sleeping in,swimming,playing,and going on vacation. Just picture a 12 year old peddling ''WATCHTOWER MAGAZINES'' with a suit and tie in the sweltering months of July and August.

    I wish I called Child Services on my brother for the inhumanity he put on his kids.

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