Did Paul write Luke?

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  • peacefulpete

    Now if only we can get Narkissos back it'd be the old gang here.

    Speaking of narkissos, have you had any communication with him? The email address I used to use doesn't seem to be getting thru.

    And as far as the meaning or "orderly" , it doesn't really matter too much to me. Ultimately the point is the author felt the need to impose an order to the "many" gospel tales, whether written or oral. The internal evidence seems to convince many commentators that the author structured his/her version so as to make the story memorable and cohesive.

    And btw Leolaia, it's nice to hear you are moving Farrer to the fringe by questioning the need for Q.

  • Leolaia

    It is ironic that the book most influential in (Zealot) Jewish and early Christian eschatological expectation at the time of the AD 66-70 Revolt, Daniel, is in actuality a quietist work with a disdain for militarism in effecting political change; upheaval in Gentile hegemony is accomplished "not by human hand" (2:45, 8:25), the Maccabees were only "a little help" (11:34), and there is criticism towards "those who are violent among your own people who rebel in order to fulfull the vision" (11:14).

    PP....I've been swayed by Farrer since 2005 or so. I haven't emailed Narkissos in ages and I hope the email still works because I'd hate to lose contact with him. You were getting bounce-backs? Darn.

  • Farkel

    :Did Paul write Luke?

    Don't know about that, but from what he wrote, Paul just might have boinked Luke. Luke may or may not have liked it. It's hard to tell from the evidence about Luke. There is a bit more evidence supporting Paul and his preferences.


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