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  • MrFreeze

    I was in the truth at that time and I never made an correlation. I guess that explains why I am where I am now.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am a NYer. In fact, I worked across the block from the WTC complex. Armageddon is explosive, the very end of chronos time. Altho it is a dividing line in my life, I never feared Armageddon. I was uptown but lived downtown. I needed id to access my apartment. NY was weird. The politeness and calm were eerie. I was a peacenik who wanted Afghanistan nuked to the Stone Age, which would have taken one firecracker. People behaved in extraordinary ways. Half my local fire unit perished. Many local police officers. I felt a kinship for those slain because they were American NYers. My duty as a NYer was to help by not getting in the way. There was little due besides donate Vicks Vaporub and athletic socks. Medical workers were not needed b/c everyone died.

    The Wall St. Journal hinted at the extent of the slaughter. The New York Times followed suit. I attended Bellevue and daily walked by thousands of thousands of flyers. People were atypically young and very happy. Some poor people did the best they could withot digital equipment. Their cheap bodega candles burned more brightly than the candles of the rich.

    Our political enemy was so primitive. If Russia or China were involved against us, I would have thought Armageddon. The Cuban Missle Crisis was far worse, IMO, and the Berlin crisis.

    I feared taking taxis b/c I was so angry I feared I could not control myself. Finally, I had to and had a Middle Eastern driver, a very sophisticated Egyptian student.

  • thetrueone

    Goes to show what kind of mental imbalance indoctrinated JWS suffer from.

    Fear is a sick conniving way to control and perhaps to attract people but thats what the WTS.

    publishing company has done and is doing .

    Of course since I've been out of the Borg since 1980 I wasn't thinking of The Great Tribulation, but the thought crossed my mind

    of a situation of war involving the US and Canada too.

  • Sayswho

    Everytime something like this happened I thought it was the start of the END...Just stopped getting too worked up over it if it was.

    I used to get all worked up and start saying "what if...this or that..." and speculating how it could lead to the End... so sad.



  • mochamint22

    I was sitting in a COLLEGE CLASS (ooooooh!) when it happened. Yes I got freaked the hell out and was like, shit it's true! the GB is right. they really are in contact w/Jah. Better get my act together. I was straying when this happened and so I really tried to pour my heart into studying and rebuilding my relationship with Jehovah, hoping and praying Jah would forgive me and hoping it wasn't too late. Yeah that lasted a couple mos then i was like F this. I was DFd the Feb after that. That's when I turned , officially, into the black sheep of the family and congregation. I worked so hard towards being reinstated after that cause I couldn't stand being shunned and treated like less than human by my "friends and family". Even after getting reinstated, people still treated me like shit so I was like peace out.

    I remember my brother, who I never talk to, calling like a year ago telling me that comments were made at the meeting insinuating that the end wasn't that far off. like a couple years or less. Then I tried to go back to the meetings and I was like nah I can't do this. It's just not in me. I felt like I was doing it for everyone but ME. but yeah, 911 man, that was some crazy ish, peeps were so sure that was the start of the GT. my mom even started listening hard core to the news trying to see if someone was going to say the phrase Peace and Security.

  • BluesBrother

    I am surprised, Hairyhegoat, that the events of that awful day made such a profound effect on Bro's at the London Bethel (not that I doubt a word of it).

    I was out anyway.....I was at work though and the news trickled through from family members who phoned us and then somebody late found a radio to turn on. [Funny how far instant communication has moved on in nine years]

    My dub family certainly did not think it was the start of Armageddon..No disrespect to Americans but of course we were a lot more distant from things over here, terrible though it was.

    I never heard any Witness say that they had thought it was "the End".....My heart sank though when I heard George Bush announce a global "War on Terror". We knew then that further trouble lie ahead.

  • Curtains

    what shocked me was how nationalistic bethelites were when this happened. I remember being very confused by all the side taking going on at Bethel. I did question whether this was God's organisation because they were acting as if Jehovahs witnesses was an American religion.

  • finallysomepride

    The great tribulation started with the:


    Korean War

    Vietnam War


    Isreal/Egyptian/Jordanian Wars

    US invasion of Grenada

    US invasion of Panama

    Iran/Iraq War

    1st Gulf War



    2nd Gulf War

    The jws (official & unofficial) have taken each of these events as a sign the the great tribulation had started.

    What a load of BS

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I'd been out for about 2 years when it happened and thankfully I was beyond the JW mindset so I didn't feel that Armageddon was coming or anything silly like that.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was still in, my husband an elder. I live on the west coast. I started work at 6:00 am that day and had the car radio on when I heard. I was doing deliver's that day for work, every place I stopped everyone one was freaking out. I remember stopping at a Hotel and staying inside to watch the TV. My job's office was by a military base and all the military men were by the gate with their guns and such. It was strange being in the US and seeing that.

    That night was a meeting night for me. Everyone of course was thinking the great tribulation had started, I was just in shock from the day of work, all I clearly remember was another elders wife yelling at me in front of all the other elders wives while our husband had YET another elders meeting, because I had asked this elders wife when had she first heard it that morning. It seems that I had heard it before she had and that really upset her for some reason. She just totally ripped me up for knowing more than she did. I just wanted to die the way she was yelling at me.


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