Stumbled across a recurring theme in WT: teach 'the organization' to your kids

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  • flipper

    SD-7- Good thread. You are right. You should be fearful for your family. I am fearful for my family too who are witnesses. Your question, : " Since when did it become more about control , power, loyalty than about truth, the truth of the message about Jesus itself ? " Answer : Since 1879 - 131 years ago when C.T. Russell started this mind control cult. Power and control have ALWAYS been a part of this organization. Research shows it was that way even in Russell's day

  • jamiebowers
    But the fact is, even if they literally did break out the Kool-Aid, who could stop them? I couldn't save my family even if I wanted to. Some days I do feel like the mob won, after all. .

    The Watchtower didn't win, because it couldn't hold you back.

  • Listener

    They're loosng a lot of young adults and need to focus on younger children to gain more control of them. With the internet readily available they know it is very easy for young ones to have access to plenty of information if they are curious or interested. If they can make them feel committed to the organization then they have more chance of them not looking for real answers elsewhere.

  • sd-7
    Their blood stance draws enough unwanted, negative attention. Anything more will get them the dangerous cult label from international govts and medical authorities. The WT is trying to appear normal, framing the blood issue as one of religious freedom and personal choice regarding medical procedures. To some extent they are able to sell this . Tampering any further will cost them.

    That's a good point, Princess of Power. They'll do everything they can do as long as there's no risk of legal liability. Creating a mental prison is much cleaner and safer--and profitable--than doing anything that might be too risky in terms of that sort of thing. Still...I'd keep my eyes on these jokers.


  • WTWizard

    They want the children to be unable to function outside the cancer. That way, even if they do mess up, they are unable to think and will probably go right back into the cancer. And they will die without anything to show for it, giving whatever miserably tiny inheritance they do manage to make to the Washtowel Slaveholdery.

  • JunkYardDog

    i think wt articles telling jw's to look up wt history etc. Is an indirect way some wts writers giving hints the wt is bogus. Thats how I got interested in wt history , from reading wt mag's. I fact they laid out a map for me to expose the wts. better than any bible arguement I ever heard

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