On the Governing Body -- Then and Now

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  • Fed-up

    WOW...Thanks for the update. That's awesome. Do they really think stuff like that will go un noticed? They underestimate our interest in the past, especially when they bring it up! They need to address these things. Especially with Rutherford being exected in 1917. It's just irresponsible for them to pretend they never said it.

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  • Apognophos

    Yes, but you see, Paul wasn't one of the F&DS.

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  • sd-7
    Yes, but you see, Paul wasn't one of the F&DS.

    Nice try. You are correct! Paul wasn't, according to the new teaching. But he was on the 'governing body' back then, and said body is still nonetheless a precursor of the 'responsible ones at headquarters' today. So if Paul, who wrote Bible books and had visions and all that, didn't sit in council to make rules and "had no authority to do so", is there some reason why people who have none of those qualifications can do so today? If he couldn't, but the Governing Body today can, then the Governing Body is saying it has greater authority than the apostle Paul and indeed all of the apostles put together. Such authority cannot be merely stated; there has to be proof other than having a really good printing press and an advertising campaign.

    Hey, if you're arguing the JW perspective and want to admit to that point, and you kinda have to, really, then there's really no point in continuing the debate.


  • sd-7

    I have to add that the counterargument Apognophos is making here really highlights just how precarious a position the Governing Body is putting itself in by making the 'faithful slave' exclusive to them. They are now completely unlinked to any Biblical authority other than themselves. The first century apostles are now just dangling out there, apparently, not giving food at the proper time in the time of the end, despite all their talk about how the end of all things had drawn close and all that...The closest the GB can get is saying they are somehow similar to others that came before, but now there's no link at all to the apostles. On one hand that fits with their rejection of apostolic succession, but on the other hand, it still puts them in the position of claiming equal or greater authority than that of the apostles.


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