Would someone tell me please...

by ESTEE 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • mochamint22

    I think that some would say the purpose of God is to have something to believe in. A way to create a purpose for US humans. Just like someone could ask what's the purpose of Hope/Faith? The purpose is to feel (and hope and pray we are right) that there is something greater than all this craziness we know as life. That is a very thought provoking question Estee! I guess I've never thought about things that way. That's a hard question to answer for those (including myself) that believe that God in fact exists. It's hard for that very reason. For many, it's presupposed that God does exist, therefore the question isn't what the purpose of God is, rather, what is God's purpose for mankind? I respect everyone's thoughts on this topic and, as we can see, the thought pattern leading up to the answer depends on each individual's core belief of whether God exists or not. You know what I mean?


  • sooner7nc

    hmmm... yeah, a pretentious dick. Do you suppose that is why it has so many worshippers?

    Sure. You know how people like to worship dicks. Geez.

  • agonus

    Good question. I can't speak for God, maybe God could tell you. You should ask God and see if God answers.

  • FlyingHighNow

    He prevents humankind from destroying humankind and other living things. He sheds tears over man's humanity to man. He's there for all of us and always will be. He let's man suffer the consequences that man makes. I'm not sure why the world is so imperfect. I am pretty certain it has nothing to do with God. I do think God cares. I sincerely believe that with no God there would be no living thing nor non living thing. God's purpose equals existence.

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