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  • skeeter1

    I talked with a relative today, and he's a devout MS/elder and is now going to elder's school & special meetings . . .

    JW: "I am learning short hand. So neat. Alot of symbols and shortened words. (gives me examples, etc.)

    Me: "That's neat. It's like you are learning a new language."

    JW: "Do you know why I am doing this?"

    Me: (to myself, thinking, 'Oh sh**, this has to be good'). "No, what's up? You gonna be a secretary?"

    JW: "No, they don't allow us to record elder school or any of our special elder's meetings. We can take notes, they don't mind it. But, we are not allowed to record it. They say the information could get into the wrong hands."

    Me: "You can use your computer or I-Phone to record the meetings. I've seen a computer application that changes a speech immediately into a written document. There might be an I-Phone application for it. It would be a better use of your time."

    JW: "Does this record the voice, or does it immediately just transfer it to the written word?"

    Me: "The computer application that I saw put it into written word. I don't know if there is an I-Phone application. But, an I-Phone is so much smaller and no one would see it."

    JW: "So, I could only do it if there was no voice recording."

    Me: "So, what's wrong with recording a voice? Is what they are saying bad?"

    JW: "I don't know why. I guess they don't want things to get taken out of context. You know how people twist things out of context."

    Me: (Choking) "Yes. I know a religion that misquotes a lot of stuff, including medical quotes related to blood and science, biology, history, not to mention the Bible."

    JW: (Silence)

    Me: "How can something be taken out of context, when you have the whole tape? The person who is taped could fight it easily."

    JW: (More silence and hem-hawing)

    Me: "What are they saying in this school that they don't want out? (Silence) How does short hand notes differ from a real recording? Both can be completely translated and put on the Internet?"

    JW: (Now really hem-hawing)

    Me: Aren't you really doing mental gymnastics to learn shorthand to get around this rule? Have you asked if short hand of the entire elder's school was allowed? Short hand records are admissible in court, especially if the taker is there to testify to their authenticity."

    JW: Yes, that's it. I'm doing mental gymanstics.

    Me: (I don't know why he thinks Mental Gymastics is a flattering term, but he does.) So, do any red bells go off in your head that you can't record these schools?

    JW: (Complete Cult Mind Shutdown). No, it doesn't cause me any bells.

    Me: No bells going off in your mind that anything is wrong with this?

    JW: Nope, I'm 100% confident.

    Me: Well, if it was me, I'd be running away so fast... What are they doing hate speech against other religions? Trying to coach you on how to handle child abuse? Coach you on how to handle the blood dilemna? No bells or red sirens going off in your head? Have you asked about your taking short hand?

    JW: No, and I'm not going to ask anyone. It's 100% fine for me to take notes. No sirens.

    Me: You don't think you'd be called in for a meeting for taking exact notes, but you would be if it was a voice recording? You are not seeing any warning signs?

    JW: No, I'm fine with it.

    Me: Ok, well if you are fine with it, then do it with all your gusto.


    So, this elderly JW KNOWS how much I disagree with the Watchtower Society. Yet, he is so proud of his solution to this latest roadblock of his new eldership role, I point out a smoking gun, and then he sticks up for the Society? Older people are so easily taken advantage of. He wants to live in his dream world. He is so happy to be given the "gift" of finally being a respected man in the congregation (he's been in for 60 years and never had this position). He just doesn't want to hear that the King is naked. He can't admit to it, even though he can admit to it. He only sees what he wants to see.

    Your thoughts?


    Conditioned response, skeeter.

    Loyalty to the borg and all that. He's still in deep.


  • 3Mozzies

    So sad, he truly is plugged into the Borg...


  • AGuest

    Oh, c'mon, dear ones (peace to you all!): he SEES it. Hence, the hemming and hawing. A "blind" person would have a reason why one is okay and the other is not ("Well, recordings can be dubbed/edited, etc."... "A speaker may misspeak and someone could take issue with that"... etc.). He KNOWS why they will allow notes but not recordings. EVERYONE knows why they would allow notes but not recordings.

    Problem is... they are all he knows. THEY have "sayings of everlasting life." Unfortunately, he doesn't know that (1) they're not the only one who has such sayings, and (2) only ONE of those who DO have such sayings... isn't lying.

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • flipper

    I think your JW relative is still trapped by the FEAR that is instilled into him by the WT society , GB, and the elders school. He's pretty cult mind controlled from what I could see reading your experience. You did a good job in hopefully making him think a little though. He's living out his fantasy of being an elder now - so to him it's too much to fathom that it's an immense waste of time. Good job. Thanks for posting

  • bobld

    Only JW with 3 bricks short of a full load don't see the hyprocrisy of the wbts/fds/gb.This guy is maybe 6 bricks short.No he is totally mentally incapacitate.Outlaw give him the royal boot.

    This same nitwit will tell the R & F what to do.shame shame


  • davidl7

    Now this is a true conversation:

    My-brother-in-law - I'm attending the elder's school for the next 3 weekends. I am so excited. I started this Saturday.

    Me - Did you find it interesting and spiritually uplifting.

    My-brother-in-law - I most certainly did. This weekend was filled with how to handle brothers that our suffering with depression, how to help individuals with doubts.....I really learned a great deal...more than what I during my first year of studies at the Dallas Baptist Seminary...ha, ha, ha, ok,ok, I may be exaggerating a little, but I did learn alot.....

    Me - Oh that's right, prior to coming to the Truth, accepting true Christianity, you were a pastor at an evangelical church, and you received a Master of Divinity degree, just like brother Stafford.

    My-brother-in-law - Yea, but brother Stafford attended NY Theological Seminary...

    Me - are most elders former pastors or clergymen?

    My Brother-In-Law - a few are, but most aren't. But I tell you this - you'll learn more about the Bible, its history, its teachings, its value, and how to help people understand it, than what would you learn in a seminary in a year. Most Witnesses that were trained in Christendom's theological schools will testify to that...

    Me - Interesting - did you take extensive notes on the lectures?

    My Brother-In-Law - Of course, I did....I even taped most of the talks. It is always good to have the talks recorded, that way I can go back and listen to them.

    Me - Oh...I personally prefer to take notes. Did you use your iPhone?

    My Brother-In-Law - no, I used the a small Samsung recorder that Karen had given to me.

  • mrsjones5

    David, if you think we're all liars...why are you here?


    Now this is a true conversation:.....Davidl7

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • agonus

    and we all know what happened with Brother Stafford...

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