Update on Ali, my daughter

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  • coffee_black

    Ali is home and undergoing further treatment for congestive heart failure. She has a bi-ventricular pacemaker and a defibrilator (sp?) They believe the heart failure was caused by a virus that damaged the heart muscle. The drs are hoping that the pacemaker and medication and excercise (eventually) will strengthen the heart muscle...but believe that it will never be fully normal. One side of her heart was only puting out at 15%. They are optimistic, but if it is not enough, she may require a heart transplant. She is actually thinking that would be the best option. Time will tell.

    Right now she is battling with the long term disability provider that she has through her company. That's a stressfull process all by itself! She goes back to the drs after the holidays. They have to test the defibrilator...by stopping her heart under controlled conditions and letting it kick in....literally. She is scared of that....so am I. The irony of all of this, is that she has been under a dr's care for years. She is a type 11 diabetic...(since having gestational diabetes with all 3 pregnancies). She goes religiously to the drs...and has had symptoms of heart failure... her dr diagnosed her with ashma (which she doesn't have) and gave her meds that could have hurt her heart further... he diagnosed her with panic attacks and gave her meds for that, when it was her heart all along. Needless to say, she is finding a new primary care physician. Her cardiologist is very good though... I am grateful for that.

    I am hoping to get her to move up here. Boston is a good place to be for medical issues. Once we know if she will be permanently disabled, or if she can return to work at some point, we can begin to plan. Patience is not my best characteristic. Having to wait for answers is torture! But I am hopeful, and she is ok for the time being.

    I am grateful this Christmas that she is alive. The cardiologist said that if she hadn't gone to the emergency room when she did, she could have died. Her organs would have shut down. She was that close. Sooooo scary....


  • Violia

    The term "medical practice" might have new meaning for you now.

    Congrats on getting a correct diagnosis , so sorry it took so long.

    Prayers and positive energy for your daughter and for you. Merry christmas to you.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Glad things are better..... than before.

    You're right Boston is the place to be with that kind of Illness.

    I'm thankful many times when My Family had some very scary moments..... we were here... near Boston.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • wasblind

    Wow, a virus !!!!

    thank you so much, for taking the time to keep us posted

    I wish you and your family the best

  • RosePetal

    Thank you for giving us an update on your lovely daughter Ali, she has been through so much, how awful that she was misdiagnosed, I can't imagin how terrible this has all been for you and your family. She is obviously strong minded girl and is determined to get better, it sounds like you are taking every option possible to get her better and strong again.

    I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and celebrate the fact that she pulled through and can think of a future together, Ali has you, a lovely mum to look after and support her. I wish you all the best and Ali a full recovery I am sending you love and best wishes and continue praying for her.


  • Ding

    Praying for Ali...

  • minimus

    I hope your daughter will be ok. My thoughts are with you both.


    My thoughts are with you and Ali, coffee.

    Love and blessings,



    (((Coffee_Black and Family)))..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • nelly136

    am pleased your daughter is getting the right treatment finally, thoughts with you and yours

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