Shock readjustment of seating arrangements at Bethel Morning Worship

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  • ziddina
    "Buncha Homer Simpsons running this organization. ..."

    Oh, Puh - LEEEZE!!!!

    DON'T impugn Homer Simpson's reputation by comparing him to THOSE yahoos!!!! Homer's got more brains - and more heart - than the entire Gov.Bod put together, multiple generations and all!!!

  • factfinder

    Why is this seating arrangement change "a shock"?

  • TheListener

    The head, then the foot, then the head's right side corner, then the head's left side corner, then the foot's right side corner, then the foot's left side corner. Then sisters and newbies.

    Yes, oh yes, the beauty of the bethel table arrangement.

    You really made me laugh. thank you.

  • designs

    Ve vill now be friendz

  • WTWizard

    If the food doesn't make it all the way around the table, it is because they don't allocate enough time and/or food. And why pass the food before the prayer, so it has the chance to get ice cold before they can eat it? Or, perhaps they want to feed whatever flies that find their way inside? And, so what if it goes the "wrong" way? All I would care is that there is sufficient time and food that everyone be able to take a reasonable portion, including guests.

    This sure is different from most families. Usually, the food is placed near the center of the table, and passed around once. It is generally left near the middle of the table afterwards, and 90% of the time there is plenty left after the first passing. And usually, it takes about half an hour to eat like this (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, which usually take much longer; or breakfast when the kids are waiting for their Easter egg hunts or to open Christmas presents, when it usually takes less time). As these people at Beth Hell are not awaiting their Christmas presents or Easter eggs, there is no excuse to not allow at least 30 minutes of actual eating time (plus time to pass the plates). Prayers that reduce this time should simply have the length of the prayer tacked onto eating time so a minimum of 30 minutes are allotted for eating.

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