Why do people look to the Bible for answers when it is obvious much OLDER works exist?

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  • sinis

    Just finished up reading the Sumerian texts posted on a site, as well as the Vedic books. It is interesting to note that "fables" or works of antiquity, written down, that are much OLDER than the Bible, OT included, paint a different picture. Why, and I still cannot wrap my mind around this, do people let the Bible be the answer for everything, when it is quite obvious that there are works pre-dating the Bible?

  • FloridaPerry

    Maybe they weren't inspired by God and the Bible was.

  • sinis

    Uh... yea.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Maybe it's because our society has judeo-christian roots, and in the judeo-christian culture the primary book audacious enough to claim divine authorship is the bible.

    Other cultures, like the Sumerian, have their own "authorities" of imaginary origin, but we are waterproofed against those ideas.

  • sinis

    Well, I am a firm believer that if you want to seek the "truth" that you have to go back as far as you can. You are right, being a JC culture people turn a blind eye...

  • agonus

    It's the reality they're presented with. The Bible is presented matter-of-factly as the "Word of God" while other writings are presented as myth and many of us grow up believing just that.

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  • Heaven

    Why, and I still cannot wrap my mind around this, do people let the Bible be the answer for everything, when it is quite obvious that there are works pre-dating the Bible?

    Thank you for posting this, sinis. I wish I had more time to study things like this. Perhaps one day I can begin. I am presently reading about Wicca / The Craft.

    I think for most people, it is not obvious. It's about how you are trained from an early age. It only takes one generation of people to be misinformed or not educated on a certain topic for it to become less obvious or disappear outright from the culture. You then have to go looking for this information as it has either been avoided or removed by parents, the culture you're born into, and/or by the various faiths and religions, especially the ones based on the Christian Bible. Anything that would seem to accurately refute a belief system is definitely going to be avoided and systematically buried. Unless you are uber interested in studying this kind of thing, most people don't go looking for it.

    For me, it is only after I realized how much I had been lied to that I started reading more about other beliefs. Being exposed to other cultures at work has also helped in my realizations about certain misinformation fed to me by my Christian/WTS upbringing.

    Ignorance seems to breed contempt. Be open to and keep on learning.

  • tec

    Unless it is the very first thing ever known and written - then why is the age of something even an issue regarding the truth?



    Having done some comparative religion, the reason why I reject all other religions and atheism, is because they do not offer the best answers to the following three questions:

    1. How did we (humanity) get here?

    2. Why are we (humanity) so messed up?

    3. How are we (humanity) going to be fixed?

    While the bible does not offer answers to these questions that are 100% satisfying, the bible does provide answers that make the most sense. That is why I prefer the bible over the other religious books (including the books by Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett & Harris).

    Edited to add: I think that the OP is commiting a variant of the Genetic Fallacy called Argument from Age. Meaning that just because something is older it is superior.

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