Did you play tackle football as a good little JW?

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    Pitchess Co-Gen

    bump. This brings back memories , and I did any of you play in Southern California ( when the team were the O.C, Los Angeles, The Bay, and San Degio ).

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    Think About It

    We only organized basketball & softball games. When I was a MS, we had just finished a softball game between ourselves, when this rough looking group of guys challenged us to play against them. They figured we were a church group, but didn't know we were JW's. For some reason the elders said okay and we put 10 guys on the field. I played 3B and made a game ending double play to preserve the WIN for the JW's. It felt pretty good for the brothers who had never played competitive sports before. The group of worldly guys were embarrassed to get beat by us.

    Our basketball games were very competitive against each other and drew people from several congs. I was an elder then and even went as far to stop play once and let my buddy know right there in front of everyone that I would whip his ass if he ever fouled me like that again. (afterwards we went to his house for a beer) I played sports in high school before becoming a JW, and was surprised by how many JW guys could have excelled as high school athletes if given the chance.

    Think About It

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    We played football, soccer, and baseball games every weekend. Football was played about 90% of the time. In the summer time we usually played flag or touch football, but in the winter time when there was about 1 - 2 feet of snow on the field, we would play tackle. Reasoning was you would run slower and your hit wouldn't be as hard. We never got hassled for any of these things from the local elders or at an assembly level. Hockey however, was a totally different matter. We would play at least twice a week and even sometimes a short summer season - playing golf in the afternoon and then a hockey game later in the evening was the best! I lost track how many times the topic of organized hockey games came up at meetings, circuit and district assemblies. We never stopped organizing them anyways. I mean, how do you get a group of people together to share in a common interest? You need organization right? Society taught us well how to do that ;) Of course a lot of fights broke out and we played full contact and lots of injuries. I currently play in a league and I can tell you, I feel safer playing hockey now compared to back then! Maybe it had something to do with being repressed and letting it all out at the game, eh?

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    Pitchess Co-Gen

    I think Jehovah Witness should have there own leagues because it may help keep some of the kid in .

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