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  • sabastious
    If we believe death is the ultimate end result, life thus becomes the means to death.

    All lives end in death, therefore you conclusion has merrit.

    But it's still a cold and bleak way to put it. I would say the ultimate end result is a life worth living, which is defined differently by many people or groups.

    Life is not a means to death, it is a means to life which ends in death.

    I don't live to die, I live to live, you know?


  • sabastious
    For the third time, where did the material that gave rise to life come from? If I am so wrong correct me. Where did the material that formed the amino acids come from? Just tell me and I will correct the earlier statement.

    Why do feel the origin of life is required to explain evolution? We know our evolution had a beginning on this planet, we just don't know how it(whatever that was) got here.

    Why do we require the specifics on how we got here to explain how we changed since we got here?


  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    The way that you and bohm took such great umbrage to my suggestion that we evolved from rocks, I was convinced that I had committed an offence that needed to be corrected. You actually had me believing that there was a correct answer. It never ceases to amaze me how little of evolution is cold, hard facts and how much of it is pure speculation. And yet, they dogmatically present speculation as fact. And I am to blindly trust these people?

    The thing is this, you accused me of being intellectually dishonest for reducing evolution to common terms that expressed, accurately, what you believe. Whether we evolved from rocks or the materials fell from the sky (which is what the primordial soup theory teaches), the fact remains that if you strip the fancy words away, it sounds silly.

    Bohm said that if it is absurd, we can dismiss it out of hand. I simply took him at his word. It seems that it depends on whose ox is getting gored.

  • bohm


    "Please enlighten this poor benighted soul. From what basic material did we evolve?"


    "I asked a simple question. If you don't know the answer, why not just say so? Have I stepped on your toes? Are you feeling like crap?"

    Right. We evolved from very simple life forms. According to one particular idea for abiogenesis (which is not a part of the theory of evolution) these were small spheres of fatty acids with RNA in them. Which amino acids the RNA consisted of and where it came from is a hotly debated subject (though we know the early earth must have had a lot of amino acids on it).

    Thats my answer to your question. I dont know where rocks enter the theory of evolution, thats why i would like to ask:

    • Describe how the theory of evolution presuppose that we evolved from rocks.
    • Is a soup of amino acids a rock?

    And did i live to hear you say need evidence to support the God-hypothesis before we can believe it?

  • Curtains

    bohm, as far as I know, rocks aka minerals, are indeed thought to play an important part in evolution. Porous rocks are also thought to have provided the location for evolution to take place. Additionally rocks are the place scientists go to to examine what evidence there is of trace minerals involved in the evolution of life and also to look for fossilized organisms. The evidence is incomplete and difficult to read.

  • freydo

    Does anyone think this has anything to do with anything Christ-like?


  • bohm

    curtains, certainly rocks are extremely important when it comes to understanding how life arose, but mad dawgs argument form redicule has to do with evolution.

  • Curtains


    But doesn't his argument from ridicule highlight a weakness in the theory of evolution. I doubt that mad dawg would have used that argument if it did not support his reasoning.

    Apart from the above do you not consider that rocks may have been a part of evolution itself - like this for example

  • bohm

    Curtains, i just cant see it. First of there is the usual mixing of abiogenesis and evolution, secondly ... rocks? is it not equally correct to say we evolved from water then?

    i am looking forward to mad dawgs explanation. I hope it will begin with "The theory of evolution says that.." and contain some source when the rock (which rock?) enter the explanation.

  • PSacramento

    Its funny that you guys are debating evolution in a thread about the Catholic perspective when the Catholic perspecitve accepts Evolution.

    We do NOT know where life came from, by we I mean science, we do know that life CAN and DOES evolve.

    That is evolution in a nutshell.

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