An email I just recieved: Jehovah's Loving Kindness

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  • thetrueone

    Send them back whoever sent you this that your fed up sitting at the table of organized corruption and coercion, loving provided by

    Jehovah's publishing company here on earth.

  • cantleave

    How friggin wierd - I have just got that email too.

    Total bollox like all the JW spam I get.

    Sad thing is; a couple of years ago I would have found it encouraging.

  • Soldier77

    Shadow, was this a talk given this year? At the District Convention of Circuit Assembly?

    Ziddina, thanks for that info, wish I could have seen that. True, the history is written by the victors.

    Tammy, okay, thanks, I honestly started reading it and about 5 sentences in I started to get aggrivated and started skimming and highlighting the insulting comments he was making on how worthless we are and we should stop making others feel worthless even though we are worthless and you should just STFU and sit down at the fucking table and be spoon fed this bullshit. I am thinking of not responding to the email specically, but asking them to remove me from the their email list.

    Come to think of it, I've asked this person to stop emailing me over a year ago....hmmm...

  • ziddina

    I just tried to find the program; I found this DVD from the History Channel...

    And this from National Geographic, but it's not a tv program...

    If you do a search, "National Geographic's david and goliath, there are some interesting hits...

    Here's one I found interesting...

    And there's an article on King David in the latest Nat Geo magazine... I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but hubby said that it presents several different viewpoints on the veracity of the "King David" story - I guess there's a question as to whether "King David" ever existed...??? Depending on which archaeologist you talk to...

    Another topic for me to research... Groan.... Like I have SO much time...


  • Perry
    Lovers of God, don't leave. We are almost home. Jehovah says 'you are covered at this table.

    This imagery is no wheree in the scriptures that I can recall. Sounds eerily like Do from the Heaven's Gate cult. Like sheep to the slaughter.

  • Soldier77

    Ziddina, thanks for the links. I'll look those up.

    Perry, yup, absolutely, sounds so cultish. It blows me away how it came across. I want to jump up and down at the next assembly of any kiknd and just shout ARE YOU SERIOUS?! WHAT A CULT!

  • bobld

    Tell her the person who wrote that is so ugly that if he looked in a mirror he would shit his pants.

    Is this a AMWAY telemarketing meeting that their people are starting to see the scam.The fds has what for you.

    People with a few bricks short of a full load do not see the writting on the wall.


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    A more accurate, realistic view of "King" David might be that he was a power-hungry man who would stop at NOTHING to become "king" of Israel...

    I researched David years ago and too came to that conclusion. One of my non-JW outside resources pointed out an interesting factoid. The nation of Israel was NOT thrilled to have David as king and many people looked at him as a usurper. That is why he demanded to have Michal back as his wife.

    She was his only link to Saul's bloodline, and he needed her to lend a air of legitimacy to his throne. So he ripped her away from her loving husband.

  • ziddina


    Good point about Michal [?? that's a female name??] If I remember correctly, wasn't it she - the daughter of King Saul - who looked out the window at David when he was dancing half-naked in the street or festival, and decried him for his common behavior in front of his family or even the court????

    No doubt she felt great contempt for him...

  • Magwitch

    Just like this previous thread today....

    The WT is always coyping some other author. This email reminded me of sweet Tiny Tim in the Christmas Carol. When you read about the little cripple Tim, your heart always melts. I guess Jesus must then represent Ebeneezer Scrooge. Who would have thought?

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