So what DID happen to poster Hillary Step?

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  • james_woods

    He was mentioned on the recollection of influential posters thread:

    One that no one's mentioned that was one of my faves is hillary_step. Loved his razor wit.

    Me too - his "razor wit" managed to call me an "uneducated redneck" on at least two dozen occasions...usually when I disagreed with his certainty that George W. Bush was a war criminal and should have been tried by the International Criminal Court. I enjoyed the interaction - hearing the name again made me ask - Whatever happened to him?

  • undercover

    He said his goodbyes and rode off into the sunset.

    He was one of my favs as well.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Hillary and I met at loggerheads on this forum. He was an avowed atheist, I was still a theist of some sort at that point. He rubbed me the wrong way - I rubbed back. We took our dispute off the public forum and jabbed on the moderator section. We shook hands, no one admitted defeat as I recall, and parted on terms that allowed both of us some dignity.

    Not long after, Hillary said his goodbyes, both publicly and privately as I recall. To my knowledge, he has not returned to this forum.

    In the final analysis, his words influenced me in time to explore my own depths regarding matters of God/spirituality/faith/agnosticism/atheism. Though he did not convince me [conscience level] of his points of view - I believe that if we ever met now, we would be of common ground on many matters. Dispute often is the genesis of introspection. This forum has aided that in me - and Hillary was a component of that internal war we all fight trying to find our real selves.

    Of course, as these things go, he would probably reappear as a theist, and we would just trade corners. LOL


  • BizzyBee

    Dang, he was funny! And smart.......we could use the likes of him around here more.

    I managed to find one of my favorite Hillary posts ( ).

    The discussion was about coddling and cuddling despairing posters as opposed to some straight talk - the board was pretty evenly divide. Here's what Hillary said:

    hillary_stepRe: so i started the jeep in the darage posted 2 years ago (1/3/2008)

    Post 7588 of 8792
    Since 4/13/2001

    So let us analyse this thread shall we.

    A person under the influence of drink starts a thread on an international discussion Board in which he talks suicide and despair.

    Some people {{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}} him. Some tell him to pull himself together, get some professional help and stop piling anxieties on people who are not in a position to do anything about his misery. Meanwhile those of the tribe of {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} pat him on the head, finish draining their expresso's and kiss their worn Slime Dion posters before retiring. The {{{{{{{huggers}}}}}}} then get angry at the non-huggers because according to the {{{{{{{{{huggers}}}}}}} the non-huggers are mean-spirited. A mele begins.

    The {{{{{{{{huggers}}}}}}}} obviously forgetting the emotional importance in being able to {{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}} online, drop their brackets around their ankles and come out of their corner, this time showing the non-huggers what a mean spirit is really all about! One {{{{{{{{hugger}}}}}}}}} threatens to thrash a non-hugger, and the person who caused all the grief in the first place suggests that he would not waste a bullet on any of the non-huggers.

    Have I got this right?

    God, this It is like closing time at the Black Horse in Deptford. If you go home with teeth you face your mates with shame the next day, unless of course you can persuade your Gran to punch you out.


  • myelaine

    ...Philadelphia Experiment...

  • BurnTheShips

    He disappeared in a puff of quantum particles.


  • minimus

    Hilary was/is another kewl guy. he was so sharp. He could be deadly with his zingers but I thought the guy was great. Kinda like Farkel, he grew on me and I respect him for his common sense and humor.

    I wish he at least visited us, if not for anything else, to give us a shot or two.

  • Scully

    He left voluntarily, and he can come back any time he wants.

  • whereami

    Him and Alan F. were two of my favorites.

    Anyone know what's Alan been up to lately?

  • minimus

    Scully, your comment just made me LOL.

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