Did your parents make you tell people (at xmas time) that you got gifts throughout the year

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  • the-illuminator81

    We did get gifts throughout the year..

  • blondie

    My non-jw father never got gifts for us and not for his friends either (unless it was to his benefit). He would "drop in" at dinner time during the holidays and we would be fed and given a gift. We were so embarrassed. My mother would explain to her non-jw friends that we got gifts all the time. One astute man asked what was the last gift she got us...........my mother tried to lie but the man told her that God hated liars....Thank goodness for the kind non-jws that after that always found some way to make us feel special.

  • I<3MYGod

    In my childhood I can remember receiving 3 special gifts - so if that is supposed to make up for Christmas, birthdays, Easter and all the other days where kids get things...I got screwed, royally.

  • Soldier77

    Throughout my childhood I can remember getting gifts maybe MAYBE a handful of times. The line was the same as everyone elses, 'we give gifts throughout the year...' it wasn't true. I can't knock my mom too much, but she DID give me gifts every few years... ironically a few days after my birthday.

  • DanaBug

    We didn't get gifts throughout the year. It's hard to do that with 4 kids and both parents pioneering. But we did each get a party and gifts when we started school. We also got gifts from friends at baptism. Our hall was really good about giving gifts when someone ended up in the hospital. My sister got a ton of stuff when she got hit by a truck. I never had a major illness or anything that landed me in the hospital, thank God. We did the anniversary gift thing twice. And I threw myself a party when I graduated high school. My parents got me a cd player for my car. My brother got a car for his graduation. I'm still pissed about that, lol! They also bought him a Gibson SG and a Peavey amp for helping with building their house. I helped too! They didn't get me anything. I have to say though, my mom was pretty good about getting us little things she knew we would like, when we had the extra money. But it was nowhere near what my daughter gets now for birthdays and Christmas.

    I can't wait for Christmas! My daughter, who's 3, wants to be a ballerina. So we got her the whole outfit, dancing scarves, and ballerina dvds. It's gonna be so much fun! My parents missed out on so much, I feel bad for them.

  • Medina

    Yes they did, and I hated it. It was unfair, everyboddy got present, but not we Dubs. The so called frustration agression theory also kicked in with me. I was mister big time bullying on schools and College. People really though I was an ass, and they still do.

    Then my parents where disaproving my behaviour, and said you shouldnt bully, but children are nothing mure then the true mirrors of society and their parents. Children that get physicly, or emotionally bullied by parents, goverment, or the schooling system will bully others to.

    The WTS is one big Bullying Organisation.

  • undercover
    Did your parents make you tell people (at xmas time) that you got gifts throughout the year?

    Nope, the WTS planted that cult-think in all our heads. Us kids heard it and parroted it. Our parents just grinned as they knew they weren't going to do no such thing.

    The only "present" I can remember getting was a new bicycle after getting an excellent report card one year. All other "gifts" were begged and pleaded for... and we were made to feel guilty for asking for them even. (I'm sure there were other surprise gifts, but nothing worthy of remembering)

    Not that my parents were cheapskates, they were children of the depression and didn't spend money needlessly...including too many toys or other non-essential things. But not having b-days and xmas kept us in a constant state of toy envy when seeing other kids in the neighborhood...and even some JW kids whose family had "present days" or other "special days" to make up for the lack of holiday gift giving.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I remember that BS about us getting gifts throughout the year. That's what I was told but it never happened. My sister and I never received presents. Our basic needs were provided for: food, clothing. But we did not get presents except from our non-JW grandparents. I was in a constant state of envy of neighborhood kids and cousins who were non-JWs.

  • Hairyhegoat

    We were a family of 7 when I was growing up in the struth. My mom was not at work ever and my dad was a low payed worker .. We never got any presents ever We had to lie to the kids at school about what we had got for xmas !! They took the piss every year out of this lad who's family was well poor. He got a toy gun and other plastic junk which was all rubbish and he hid himself for weeks after xmas ! But I was worse off than him because I had nothing We johoes were a real target for the kids at school, The sad thing was it could of been so different if my dad had gone with the offer from his brother in 1974, his brother was a director in what was then DIGITAL Computers. My dad was not thick but was told the end was coming in 1975 so he passed over the job offer from his non jw brother. Here is where we are now, his brother is loaded living in a 12 bed house in Vermont in the USA, AND MY DAD IS LIVING IN A EX COUNCIL HOUSE IN THE UK, and is on benefits. So you can see I'm mad that the Witchtower fucked up my dad's life and all others in the family with there lies. My 4 kids are going to have the best xmas ever and if that means I don't get any presents I'm happy with that because I know I never wan't them to be ashamed or have to lie about what they got at xmas. They won't have to anyway as we are ex jw now and having a great time.

    Merry Xmas from the UK


  • Elgiard

    That's what they told us to say at the meetings so of course I did. Total lie. It was really frustrating being told year after year at the meeting and at home that I have this steady influx of totally awesome presents rolling in all year long and it just didn't happen. After we got snared I honestly don't remember ever getting a present until I graduated from high school, and then it was so unremarkable I don't remember what it was. I wouldn't have even had a graduation party except someone at the hall heard there wasn't one planned and threw one for me This is a horrible thing to say, but it's how I really feel. My mom is extremely, shall we say "frugal" and I honestly feel that part of why she stuck with being a JW so long is because it was a reason not to buy anything for us. It's kind of too late now, but after getting out of it she got better about that. I try to be generous when I can because I know first hand how bad that sucks.

    Until now I always thought that this was far more isolated and I was a special case, but it seems pretty standard. Giving presents to your children is a natural display of affection, which is common to all people and is even specifically mentioned in the bible. What an absolutely EVIL cult to be able to suppress that natural instinct in so many people.

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