Did your parents make you tell people (at xmas time) that you got gifts throughout the year

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  • myusername

    I see people saying this online. My parents made us tell people tha we got gifts throughout the year and that we probably got more presents than kids get on birthdays and christmas. However, it was a complete lie. We were physically neglected. We never got presents and didn't even get our basic physical needs met. So I'm wondering if others actually did get presents throughout the year from their Jehovah's Witness parents or if JW parents typically make children say this even though it's not true?

  • finallysomepride

    Yep that's the line we had to say, but in all honesty hardly received any real gifts especially ones that we hadn't asked for or where our parents actually did a bit of research into what our interests were and gave on that basis as a surprise.

  • xjw666

    Yes. That was the line. But they saved money to buy crap like bound copies of the watchtower and awake and didn't give presents.

  • GrandmaJones

    I said it, but it was true. I had wonderful clothes and toys. My parents were very generous, and I have done the same with my kids and my grandkids. I have many serious complaints about my childhood and my life, but money and things were something I did have.

  • myusername

    xjw666- my parents gave contributions to the kingdom hall and bought all the literature too. They also gave gifts to other people in the congregation. So now I think I won't believe it when I hear JWs say that. Although there are exceptions of course.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    My kids got the same amount of presents from me as they did before I became JW but they didn't get any presents from any people at the KH ever. And because I was a single parent I didn't receive a single present from anyone the whole time I was in.

  • designs

    My parents tried to be pretty good about presents and gifts as money allowed. My mother became active as a Witness again when I was around the 7th grade. My father who was not a Witness would usually rent a cabin in the mountains for the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was always packed with other families and friends. Skiing on Chrstmas Day and New Year's Eve was a pretty big thing in the Witness world where I lived. That part of my life as a young Witness was pretty good.

  • alanv

    Strangely this was one thing I liked about the witnesses. I still am very against giving cards and presents because it is' that time of year.

    So many only send cards because someone will or has sent them one.

    To this day I do not like xmas and the commersialism etc.

    I believe in spontanious giving, but not giving because it is the done thing at this time of year.

  • Heartofaboy

    We had a present day each year & my parents did the best they could on a limited income. Sometimes a part of a tree from the garden would be cut & brought indoors for us kids to decorate.

    The party line though was that we had presents throughout the year, which wasn't true. However it wasn't my parents that said we should say that it was what we felt obliged to say to protect the borg.

  • four candles
    four candles

    Yeah Heartofaboy,,,we had a present day as well which was on my parents wedding anniversary...which was on BOXING DAY!!!! So didn't really miss out too much.

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