WTBTS Downplays Marital Problems Among JWs

by JW GoneBad 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • lingno2

    I'm glad you made this thread. In our locality divorce is not accepted but an officiating minister made an affidavit separating a couple he officiated and made it sign to an attorney without the consent of the husband and without their presence, it was the wife who wish for the affidavit and made sign as a witness another officiating minister who is the program overseer during the wedding. I have all the original black and white and present it to the brothers i thought it would a big help, to the CO, DO and to the branch. The branch stated that officiating ministers has no authority to make an afiidavit sepearating a couple. As the process goes with their contacts and allies inside the branch the two officiating minister were never affected their privileges and still making that announcement "what God has yoked together let no man put apart". Guess in the end they framed me to step down.

    Actually this incident helps me to see the reality, the political system, nepo, low morality and how bad people craving for priviledges as a position by all means. it's the reason i found this board that's why i'm always looking for GOTCHA! i know he can be of big help for me.

    pardon my english const. hope you get the thought i'm relating

  • mamalove

    I bet there are just as many unhappy marriages in the rank as regular folks. Let's face it, your pickins are slim...and you mostly see people getting married very young so they can finally feel what sex is like. Poor reasonings.

  • Scott77

    I count myself now lucky for not getting married while I was still in. This is something for which I am grateful.


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