Did Phillip fart? (or, was it the Queen?)

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  • Curtains

    well I had to check out prince william's penis - lol

    Harry seems to have caught the first whiff, so it must be prince phillip who farted - one of those long ong ones too!!! Trust him to lighten a stiff situation.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Notice that Princess Anne is wearing a military uniform with a fair number of medals. How does that happen? She was never in the military. She's got as many medals as Charles does. At least he was in the Navy. Where's Andrew? He fought in the Falklands War. Maybe Anne is wearing Andrew's or Edwards uniform because they couldn't make it. Prince Phillip did serve briefly during WW2 I believe.

    So the royalty earns medals just for being royals. What bullcrap is that?

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Hey, Juan. Lighten up, lad. Yes, the Royals thing is a bit pathetic but it's harmless. And they're great folk to poke fun at because they just maintain that stiff upper lip and soldier on. The only class act in the entire family is Elizabeth. Now she's one in a million. The others don't quite measure up to the character of the Queen.

    (that expression on her face in the last photo? She saying to herself "Oh, no. Not again.")

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Yes, I know they must be fun to joke about.

    They all look like they are dressed to go wage war in the Crimea, leading the 600 Light Cavalry - especially Anne.

    Elizabeth looks like she's thinking, "Oh go ahead and have your fun on your horsies, swinging your swords, and acting brave. But leave me out of it. I want to go in and watch the telly."

  • Yizuman

    Prince Phillip seems to be a pretty laid back kind of guy, unlike some of the Royal stuffed shirts that some are. I think Phillip will be a great influence to Prince William. Being a stuffed shirt isn't something to go through life. Having a great sense of humor really helps the sanity of life, or Royal Life that is. It can be stressful being a Royal no doubt. Given the kind of responsibility that comes with a title.


  • 3Mozzies
    DO NOT google "Prince William penis." I repeat DO NOT EVER google this.

    Why didn't I listen to you Leolaia???

    I googled it and . . .


  • Palimpsest

    That meme's been circulating for a few years now, and it still makes me giggle like a child every time. :)

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