Has anyone noticed that they are really pushing that Satan is after us and how much the world hates us.

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  • paladin

    I have noticed this is being pushed at nearly every meeting which is just old news.

  • Botzwana

    HAHA Sabastious! Yeah Satan must have a level system. First it goes off that he is attacking JWs when he waged war with the remaining ones when he was thrown out of heaven. Then a few years later he is REALLY stepping it up now...I have heard so many times through the years how he is REALLY stepping up now! So he must go on a level system. Like a military institution. Defcon 4...Oh OH! Satan is stepping up his attacks this year. Put us at S-Con 5.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Then I started asking people I work with, and worldly people I have made as friends and no one hated us.

    Some relatives were glad I found religion and changed my life when I joined the JW's. (Some knew better.)

    WTS uses the paranoia method. "Satan is gunna getcha. The world hates you. Stick with us, no matter what."

    It's pretty basic. But the reason they say the world hates us is so that we assume ANY SINGLE thing said against the JW's is from haters.
    Add in Satan and it magnifies for the press and entertainment and education and government, perhaps with the participants in "hating" us not even aware of it.

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