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  • therevealer

    Is this just to inane for words. Most of the lumber looks sawn rather than hewn. Are they planning or arguing? just look at the worldlies outside, wielding clubs, dragging the women by the hair. If they are so fierce why wouldn't they enter through the gate and beat the crap out of Noah and the boys, like just for the sport if no other reason. They get goofier each issue of the mag.

  • sir82

    What's the caption in the magazine?

    I'm pretty sure it's nothing so accurate aswhat it realy represents: "a group of illiterate Hebrew peasants trying to figure out what to do with the scroll they have found, realizing that its price would be higher than the 4 of them together could afford after a year's labor"

  • bohm

    yes, the 3 HUGE guys in the background, right? I noticed them to :-).


    Well, i thought the big nephilem beating and raping people in the background was more fun :-). Especially the one who look at noah with a club over his shoulder like: "WTF is that jew doing, should i kick his ass?"

  • therevealer

    Noah and his family kept focused on the work. And don't you love the swede? saw on the wall

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    It's times like this you realise that you should have got a proper education and you wouldn't need four of you to be able to figure out the correct dimensions for the ark!


  • moomanchu

    If they are so fierce why wouldn't they enter through the gate

    Simple, no shirts no service.

  • therevealer

    Yup, gotta have shirts. And just looked up info on the wheel and it seems a wheel like depicted is also wrong. And each and every man is bearded. yet today it is ferbotten. Of course shavin back then with the jawbone of an ass or some such would have been a real bitch I suppose.

  • bohm

    they might be discussing who get to shovel dirt out of the ark?

  • jam

    Note the saw on the wall, what,s up with that.

  • sd-7

    The table also looks a lot like a picnic table from today. Highly unlikely. As for the giants not beating their collective behinds, I guess they'd have to go with the 'they were protected as God's family organization' card. Or, since Noah & gang 'lived a simple life', they had nothing worth stealing, and since they chose their wives for spiritual qualities rather than good looks, their women were not desired by the giants either. See? Neatly wrapped up.


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