I Have a Peptic Ulcer :-(

by snowbird 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    My sincere wishes for your prompt recovery, Sylvia.

  • snowbird

    Thank you, Ali.


  • AGuest

    Glad to know you now know what's been ailin' ya, Miz Sylvie (the greatest of love and peace to you, my dear sister!). Nothing like not knowing what's going on "inside" to stress one out and almost assuredly exacerbate the problem even more! And with women, our ailments often tend to be designated as "a mystery." My ex had a peptic ulcer and was given antibiotics (which apparently worked).

    Take care of yourself, Syl, and peace to you and yours!

    Your servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,


  • watersprout

    Sending a big sloppy sprouty kiss your way Snowbird!

    I hope you feel better soon and that your meds kick in.


  • wasblind

    Hey there Syl,

    I been havin' some stomach problems too, the Doc told me to take some over the counter probiotics

    and if I have any more flare ups to come back. Glad they found out whats been ailin' you though

  • pirata

    Snowbird, you have a PM.

    Don't forget to take probiotics after you've done your antibiotics (it's a waste to take them while you're taking your antibiotics, because the antibiotics will just kill them before they do anything).

  • ShirleyW

    Yeah Syl - I wanna enourage you to take probiotics, Andrew Lessman sells a good one HSN, called Friendly Flora,

    i'm a believer in going back to the earth, instead of taking all these newfangled drugs, ginger is ' good, but do your research, it can also cause blood thinning, so if you're on anything like coumadin or the like, do your research

  • jamiebowers

    Get well soon!

  • GLTirebiter


    Good to hear that the doctors have finally figured out what's ailing you. I hope the treatments have you feeling better soon!

  • flipper

    SNOWBIRD- I'm so sorry you have a peptic ulcer. I hope you get to feeling better soon with good diet and medication. Hang in there sis

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