Damn! how hard can it be to lose 8 pounds??!!!

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  • Think About It
    Think About It
    however it's difficult when boyfriend lives 1600 kilometers away

    Yeah.....he probably needs to be at least within a foot.

    Think About It

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    some people just have a slower metabolism so its hard to lose weight, exercise will speed up the metabolic rate and burn calories. diets are not for everyone and can be very unhealthy, there is also the common misconception that skinny people are healthier than overweight people.

    I think counting calories is more important then cutting food or exercising, knowing your calorie limited and how much calories you can eat a day will help you a lot, its like a map which no one bothers using. Also a healthy diet can be more beneficial than going cold turkey, and studies have show that positive people have an easier time loosing weight then negative or stressed people.

    The basics, there are only protein, fat (saturated and non saturated), alchool, and carbohydrates.

    carbs- greens, fruits, starches and anything that grows from the ground like sugar which comes from the plant - 4 cal per gram

    protein- animals and eggs - 4 cal per gram

    fat (non)- fat is very rich in calories, studies have shown that eating non saturated fat can prevent fat storage from carbs - 9 cal per gram

    fat (saturated) - this is what you get from junk food, its very unhealthy - 9 cal per gram

    All foods have some form of fat, fat is not exactly what puts on weight, todays diets are very high in carbohydrates, there are a lot of misleading products that have "fat free" or "low fat", with calorie counting you will find that these products had always very little fat to start with and high amounts of carbs, keep in mind there are good carbs like salads filled with folate and bad carbs like icecream, cakes and fast foods. I lost a lot of weight when I counted how much of everything I was eating to find out a lot of it was carbs, so I did something around 2/4 protein 1/4 carbs 1/4 fat. Fruits are very good for you but if you can switch for vitamins that will help.

    alcohol has 7 calories per gram and the body processes it as a carbohydrate

    There are foods that have carbs and protein like milk, eggs are just protein and non saturated fat, meats and fish have fats.

  • asilentone

    I have not read all of the posts here, but you should focus on eating sugar free foods. Stop eating out!

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