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  • GLTirebiter
    I'm not privy to all of their internal publications because my "Bible study" "teacher" says I'm "not ready" to read them ... I directly asked if I could have or borrow them & even offered a donation for them, but my "teacher" staunchly refused.

    That is a huge red flag. You're not allowed to know what they really teach until you've committed to the organization and passed their scrutiny. The core teachings are secrets for the worthy members. Why do they hide their "truth" from the public at large? Are they ashamed of it?

    If you want to learn what mainstream religions teach and believe, you can learn before joining up. They make sure their message is widely available at bookstores, the public library, radio, television, the internet, etc. If the teachings are true, why hide your light instead of shining it for all to see?

  • InterestedOne
    That is a huge red flag.

    I said these exact words to my JW friend. I said "red flag" regarding witholding information from me that everyone else is reading during the meetings. She gave me the most ridiculous explanation. She said, "would a teacher give a student the answer book?" I said, "what is this? Grade school?" Apparently, that's how they view it for "interested ones" like me. I've had to go along with it if I want to continue. My "teacher" threatened to end the study if I didn't go along with that format. I want to see for myself what is going on with this group, so I am following along. As I said in one of my earlier posts, this is one of the most bizarre experiences of my life, mentally. I am blown away that people actually do this. It's like total abandonment of your normal reasoning skills. The idea of this group being a "theocracy," not a democracy. The submission of your mind to the authority of a group. If that's not a cult, I don't know what is.

  • Heaven

    Interested One is completely right, you really almost have to start attending and observe to really grasp the whole consept.

    Welcome, daisyduke!

    Your statement here is bang on. As a househoulder at the door and as a study, you aren't told everything about the goings-on within the Borg. You're allowed to ask questions. It is only after you are baptized and suckered in that they start in with their 'shepherding', shutting down your questions and individuality and bringing forth the guilt and fear of not measuring up.

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