Why do JW's only pick on Birthdays, Holidays, when so many other things are pagan

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  • Joliette

    Thanks ding.

  • Botzwana

    But Ding they do say he does more than that. That he is a King of the kingdom, that he directs the preaching work too.

  • serenitynow!

    Joliette, what's the pagan origin of lipstick?

  • serenitynow!

    I agree, the ban on certain "pagan" things has more to do with further alienating the JW from the world, making them cling to the org than any real concern about accepting pagan customs.

  • Mary

    QUESTION: Why do JW's only pick on Birthdays, Holidays, when so many other things are pagan

    ANSWER: Because Rutherfraud was a drunken, miserable, sexually repressed asswipe when he decided to ban all things fun.

  • poopsiecakes

    Hi Mary!

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Lady Liberty gave me this one to think about in regard to Jesus being born on Dec 25 some cultures honor the day one was conceived not born as their birthday. If you take what most JW believe Jesus was born on October 3 or 4 for what many JW's say. So count back nine months from the end of December and you get the first of October. If Jehovah impregnated Mary then he knows what day it was. Maybe it was December 25th and the JW are blaspheming God by not celebrating the day he choose to put his son here on earth in the smallest of forms.

    I also truly believe it is to set us apart from everyone else to make us stand out as different. The Bible may not tell us to celebrate Jesus but it does not say not to either.

    WTWizard's post is so true about the children but so sad.


  • garyneal
    I told my mom that you dont have to include Jesus in Chistmas.

    Yeah, I've tried that angle too. Truth is, while my mom believes Jesus is the reason for the season, no one in my family really make a religious connection with it. Just spending time with family exchanging gifts. Yet, that's bad too.

  • Joliette

    lol @ Mary....I forgot about that one ;)

  • Ding


    I'm talking about the WTS and JWs' actual relationship with Jesus.

    They say Jesus directs the preaching work, but what do they claim this involves?

    Does he tell them how many hours to put in?

    Does he set the routes?

    Does he talk to WT leaders to give them explicit directives?

    I don't think even they claim that!

    As far as being the king of the kingdom, what specifically does that mean for the JW on a day to day basis?

    Merely that they have to follow the GB because they are in charge of Jehovah's visible kingdom interests on earth.

    When someone points out WT errors, don't they say they aren't infallible or inspired?

    So in what sense is Jesus supposed to be ruling over what they do?

    Or is Jesus not infallible or inspired either (in WT theology)?

    If Jesus had gone out of existence after (supposedly) selecting the FDS, what would the GB be doing any differently?

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