Best way to talk to a JW about the Generation Changes

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  • carla

    While I understand and have used the 'ask questions' theory I have also found that jw's just seem to get a false hope that one day, like us, they might say the right thing and low and behold you will see the light!

    Ask questions yes, but know your jw doctrine and know your Bible (not a NWT, though you may want to look at the KIT seeing as no jw ever does).

    edited to add- I wish all the best and hope he really does see the light soon! carla, another ubm

  • sabastious
    Never discuss doctrine. You goal is to empower him to think for himself. Discussing doctrine will most likely trigger his "cult personality" and he will become unreasonable and defensive.


    NO REASON to ever discuss specific doctrine. It will always end in tears, unless they are already on their way out.


  • IbenLyed2
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Carla makes a good point. Don't ask questions for which you do not already know the true answer (as opposed to the JW answer). Also, don't just accept the JW answer without solid proof/evidence. Keep on asking for real evidence (as opposed to "the WT says" or "we believe" answers), and don't let them change the subject by answering a question you didn't even ask. If they do, just stick to your original question and ask for evidence/support for their answer.

    For example, he may just state the JW belief. Ask why they believe that the generation Jesus mentioned is really two groups of people. If he's sharp enough to know the WT rationale and gives you the scripture from the old testament they used to support the concept, then ask him what evidence is there that the OT scripture has a link to Jesus' words in Matthew. And so on.

    Good luck.

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