And now, a Rap by sd-7..."I Watch the Watchtower Fall"

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  • sd-7

    As I watch the Watchtower fall

    Nothing left to govern my body

    I fall into the winter

    And go from nice to naughty

    Expose myself to 'spiritual pornography'

    See things as they are

    And not as they ought to be

    Bore my eyes out like Zedekiah

    Neutralize the memory

    Cult leaders--they're liars

    Not who they pretend to be

    Fake suits and smiles

    And just for now a friend to me

    Knew all the while

    You're just a corporate entity


    It's a nine-man democracy

    Where the only votes that count

    Were made in dishonesty

    And can't walk out

    Till you and your crew dishonor me

    Exit signs painted with

    "Death to everyone that leaves"

    And six hate months later

    Your stormtroopers call on me


    Your hired thugs want to shun me

    For not marching by your

    Theological drumbeat


    You prove nonexistent

    I'm now freed from captivity

    To all false religion

    I watch the Watchtower fall

    I watch the Watchtower fall

    I watch the Watchtower fall

    I watch the Watchtower fall

    Mind control--

    They reach deep down

    And mine out your soul

    And keep the blood diamonds

    And keep lying

    You keep trying

    And millions now living--

    Guess what? They keep right on dying

    Empty promises

    Keeping kids out of college

    While they suck down the Kool-Aid

    And drop their full scholarships

    Just like L. Ron Hubbard

    And tales about starships

    Invisible men present and

    Millions now living with hardships

    Turn in your time,

    Rinse with meetings, repeat

    Them five-year-old children better

    Stay chained in their seats

    Attendants holding up signs that say

    "Please Be Seated"

    But they should read instead as

    "Please Be Mistreated"

    "Justice and truth have been

    Pushed aside by them.

    The name of Jehovah

    Means haughty pride for them.

    Their prophecies all have no merit.

    They rule by the stick and the carrot."

    Reports of abuse and news of

    UN involvement

    The scarlet-colored beast

    Releases a PR problem

    Spin it like a D.J.--

    "Our library books, it seems

    Are due back today.

    And only opposers ask

    Why we're acting this way!"

    Turn a blind eye, it's a lie

    If two witnesses don't see it

    Makes me wonder why we have

    Jehovah God and Jesus

    If crimes are only crimes

    When two people see us,

    I ask, do we need God,

    Or is it God that needs us?

    Apparently, justice is taking place

    Without him

    He's an absentee ballot

    That's cast when you doubt him

    If he's mad when we question,

    Are we sure he has kids?

    I got a toddler with two hundred-

    Fifty questions as it is!

    He built our brains, then turned off the software

    Anyone else think there's something that might be odd there?

    "So back up, you Witnesses!

    Back up off my door.

    No more of your literature

    Littering my porch!

    To hell with your lies

    And your self-righteous veneer.

    I'm enjoying my f-words and beer!"

  • miseryloveselders

    LOL. start calling you Nas.

  • yknot

    Nice..... you gonna follow up with a youtube vid?

  • snowbird

    Yo Gotti? That you?


    That's right, WT!

    Either stand and deliver on your promises, or back it up!



  • gutted

    Word to your moms, you came to drop bombs.

  • stuckinamovement

    I can just see the video in my mind...

    The video begins with a man in a suit washing a window, Flash to a shot of his miserable life faking happiness going door to door, flashes of light....he gets angry and smashes the window

    The man in the suit with a bible in his hand on stage begins to sing to the people in a huge auditorium

    a shot of the kids in the audience chained to their seats with tape on their mouths while their parents look rapturously at the stage and then realizing what is being said... a mass exit out of the nicely appointed auditiorium

    The man in the suit walking down a busy street wearing a sandwich board sign..."jehovahs witnesses are a snare and a racket"

    The governing body in their meeting room smoking cigars drinking scotch, looking at a picture of paradise for the magazine and contemplating the magazine cover.....All members played by steve buscemi. The scarlet beast lays in the corner of the room with two sisters petting it.

    The rapping man in the suit driving a sound car through a suburban neighborhood while witnesses going door to door run in front of the car holding their ears, with terrified looks on their faces

    The chorus

    spiritual hotties wearing skirts above the knee shaking it

    a pimped out 1998 4 door honda accord with hydraulics

    bling bling - a big gold watchtower symbol hanging from your neck

    SD-7 you have a gift.


  • palmtree67

    Will this be in the new songbook?

  • pirata




  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    I love it & I think you must collaborate with stuckinamovement on a youtube video- I was imagining emineim's voice in the lyrics when I was reading

    have you thought about quitting your day job?


  • coffee shop guy
    coffee shop guy

    Not a rap fan but that hit the nail on the head. Wow...I still have goose bumps just thinking about it.

    You are a talent.


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