I was forwarded an email about Jack Barr's passing away

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Shelby unfortunately I think you are right.


  • scotinsw

    Betsy, if the email was written by a beth-hellite do you really expect them to know where Scotland is?

  • xbro

    john barr

    there is no way on this earth that a man as given to the bible and its study and who sat at the top where the lies were made,that he didnt know that the watchtower society was a snare and a racket.

    i will pray for this mans soul.

    shame on him.

  • Hoffnung

    Thank you for the clarification

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    'we rejoice with him in his attainment to increased responsibilities. We are completely confident that 'his works go right with him.' (Revelation 14:13).'

    You'd think they had some sort of tracking device on him (as though he were a FedEx package) to be able to assure everyone that he now is in heaven. Mere speculation!

  • AGuest

    I had to leave before I checked to see if the link worked, dear LITS (peace to you!). Here is it:



    And here is the "guano":

    "On another occasion, Jehovah’s spirit settled upon some men, causing them to prophesy. Joshua, Moses’ attendant, felt that these Israelites were acting improperly. Moses, on the other hand, meekly saw things from Jehovah’s viewpoint and was not worried about losing his authority. (Num. 11:26-29) Had Moses not been meek, would he have accepted this change in Jehovah’s arrangement?

    Meekness enabled Moses to make good use of the great authority given him and the role God assigned him. Jehovah invited him to go up on Mount Horeb and stand before the people. God spoke to Moses through an angel and appointed him as mediator of the covenant. Moses’ meekness enabled him to accept this great change in authority and yet remain in God’s favor.

    What about us? Meekness is indispensable to our individual growth. All who have been entrusted with privileges and authority among God’s people need to be meek. It prevents us from being proud when we are faced with changes and enables us to deal with situations with the right attitude. Our reaction is important. Will we accept the change? Will we view it as an opportunity to improve? It may turn out to be a unique chance to cultivate meekness!

    We will constantly find ourselves facing changes in our lives. Sometimes it is not easy to understand why things happen. Personal limitations and emotional tension may make it difficult for us to maintain a spiritual outlook. Still, such qualities as humility, modesty, and meekness will help us to accept the changes and remain in God’s favor."

    In other words, those who DON'T accept our changes not only have something wrong with them ("personal limitations") but won't remain in favor with God. Crafty. Hope folks are paying attention. Since most of them area "asleep", however, I doubt it. Ah, well...

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


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