Our First Ever Tree

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  • Gayle

    The first Christmas Tree after leaving the JWs is the most outstanding, as it also represents victory and freedom to us.

  • ziddina

    What a beautiful tree!!! We've celebrated Christmas for the last 25 years, and mine has NEVER looked THAT good!!! Must be because it's your first tree [wink, wink...] >;D

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Good on ya!

    I want a tree. But i am also shit scared! 12 years out but only 1 year apostate. What will my kids think? will they start to avoid me if i show this sort of brazen apostasy?

    I have not a had tree since i was 10. For me, it is not anything to do with Jebus, but the memories i think.

    I still remember the smell of the fresh pine tree that we would have each year.

    I dont want xmas decorations though...too tacky for me! sorry to those who love all the baubeles!


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    well done I love the big bulbs too. I would have thought they would look strange on a small tree but I love it

  • finnrot

    I was raised in that crazy religion and I DO remember being the geeky kid that had to sit at his deck when all the other kids were in the audortiam practing X-Mas carols for the upcoming padgent.

    I remember sitting there in the classroom feeling like a priveledged outcast because Jehovah was looking down at me with approval. But always knowing inside that sitting there was wrong and that I would be happier if I was with my calssmates happily singing X-Mas songs.

    Dad always told me that I got presents all year round, so I didn't need Holidays. That's a very kind attidude, but my dad grew up having birthday parties, easter, X-Mas and all the others. Easy for him to say that holidays are no big deal, especially since HIS childhood was full of birthday parties and all the other fun holidays.

    I remember my first X-Mas tree after I got my own place to live. The feeling was fresh new and exciting. How liberating it felt to me to have my first X-Mas tree!!!

    Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your freedom from the Borg.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Your tree is beautiful. Isn't celebrating wonderful?

    Merry Christmas!


  • chickpea

    how cheerful! i think your first tree is an excellent start!
    i hope it brightens your spirits and lightens your heart!

    my youngest son pointed out he has never decorated a xmas tree
    which i encouraged him to consider doing if it was something he
    felt would connect him to the cultural event called xmas.... he is
    thinking maybe next year..... kudos, little dude!

    (all my kids know i am no fan, but i would not impede their full
    embrace of ANY holiday tradition or one of their own making...)

    knock yourselves out!! be merry and happy and go easy on the nog!

  • WTWizard

    I think many people prefer the look of fewer, bigger bulbs on the exterior of the tree. This looks like the right number for this size of tree (I estimate to be at around 5'). And, since we all have our personal tastes, this is just fine. The important thing is that you got one at all--most people in the congregation don't even do that.

    As I see it, there is no wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree unless you are looking for a specific look. If you want department store looks, you will need tons of undersized lights--the 5 mm "wide angle" lights are perfect. And lots of ornaments--that fit a color scheme, with accent colors. However, if you have small children, a lot of colored lights works miracles on them. It is a toss-up between having bigger bulbs or lots of undersized lights in multi-colors, and flashing lights (random flashing seems to work best) makes it even more interesting for children. The ornaments you choose to put on the tree also vary widely: I think a tree looks more elegant if you put bead garland straight around the circumference (dropping a level at the rear of the tree), put big ornaments diagonally across the front, flower- or branch picks near the top, poinsettias or bows, and color-schemed ornaments through the tree. But many prefer a tree with nothing more than simple round bulbs of multiple color--and lots of them.

    The only wrong way to decorate a tree is to use mostly ornaments that are close to the same color as the tree, which effectively hides them. If you do that, your tree will not look its best. The good news is that most beginners do not make this mistake (they tend to err by under-decorating it). Or, to not have one at all--which, to me, is the worst mistake you could make.

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