Picket Elizabeth Edwards funeral WTF??

by darthfader 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mary

    These people are mentally deficient assholes. If the media would quit giving them the attention they (obviously) like so much, no one would even know who they are.

    With freedom comes responsibility. Idiots like these people are not responsible. They're just a pathetic group of hate filled warmongers who respect nothing or no one. Perfect example of why 'Freedom of Speech' should not be absolute with no boundaries.

  • JeffT

    Perfect example of why 'Freedom of Speech' should not be absolute with no boundaries.

    This one is going up to the Supreme Court this year. The question is going to pit their right to free speech against somebody else's right to privacy. Hopefully SCOTUS will find that they can say what they want, but that it has to be some reasonable distance from the family involved. I would suggest that the inside of their church is reasonable.

  • Gerard

    In Canada, we have it well defined the difference between freedom of speech and hate-speech. In Canada, advocating genocide or inciting hatred against any identifiable group' is a criminal offence with maximum prison terms of 2 to 14 years. That is a civilized law.

  • Gregor

    What in the hell is their point? I am missing something.

  • ziddina

    Like many have said...


    Please tell me these aren't teabaggers or whatever the heck they're called...


  • TonyT

    Pond scum! They are to christianity what Michael Moore is to physical fitness.

  • JRK

    They are a bunch of sick f's.


  • Snoozy

    Here in Missour several towns have tried to stop the Funeral picketers..so far the "Free speech" thing stops the law from doing anything. They have tried to pass a law only for it to be overthrown by the "Free speech" ammendment. The hate thing just doesn't seem to stand up against the free speech.At least not here.
    One town finally said that they would stop them from protesting no matter what the consequences.. Finally a town that has it's head on straight.

    I think what they were really upset about is they were starting to get out of hand and noisy. Legally they can just stand there with signs as long as they don't get obnoxious and start shouting things out, then the law CAN step in. Otherwise the law's hands are tied.

    A sad thing..


  • sherry123

    Sweden did something they didn't like so they say the whole country is gay

  • LGoldstein

    There should be a group double their size, that follows them around singing hymns or give peace a chance or all we need is love to drown them out and surround them.

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