Veterans Stadium

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  • Gayle

    May that be a symbolic implosion - even if it is in 'very' slow motion, with time - of the WTS!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I've sweltered there along with many others; one year, when we had orchestras, I played in one. It was one the sidelines on the field, and properly dressed with a short-sleeve shirt and tie, I got a nose bleed that turned my white shirt pink. I wondered which veterens the place was named for -- most likely those on the Bataan Death March!

  • Little Mac
    Little Mac

    LOL and thank you Factfinder and others for the welcome.

    Wing commander, yeah- for us it was 2hrs each way as well- I dutifully carried our probably 30 plus lb family book/diaper bag as the oldest of a big family. The memories I have I can only say I are good ones because they were mine and thats where I spent many summer days. But...I am relieved to not have to do that anymore and it all seems like a huge spectacle to me now looking back, and when I think about it all. We were the kind of family who would put money in the donation box instead of going out to eat so we drove home to eat- cars with no a/c- just... Ka-ra-zee!

    I do remember the apostates with placards with 800 numbers on them when I was little- I thought it was so strange and naturally was afraid of them.

    I remember the people who camped out in the Vet parking lot- always thought that would be cool.

    I used to get lost in the tunnels underground and try to explore as a ten year old kid with my friends.

    I remember some of the funny/odd things different brothers would include in their talks as a kid. like- if we have a poster of our favorite sports team- that thats idolatry ...really??

  • factfinder

    @WingCommander- I think it is the 1960's you were remembering as 6-7 day conventions! The ones in the 80's started as 4 days, then went to 3 and 1/2 days.

  • sherah

    [email protected] Commander. You are bringing back the not-so-nice memories of DC's at the Vet. From the late 70's until the 90's, DC's were 3-4 days.

    Also, all of the seats outside were horrible. You either had to deal with the hellish rays of the sun or seats in the sweltering shade. Those tarps and umbrellas only made it worse. You could catch a breeze on the ramps if you can duck the attendants.

    I vividly remembered the apostates picketing the Vet, very amusing.

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