Were You Happy That Jack Barr Of The GB Died?

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  • minimus

    I read that some are quite happy that another GB bites the dust.

    I think of my "faithful" elderly JW mother who helped many many families come into the "Truth". She's an intelligent woman. However, she's blinded by her beliefs (being in a cult). She is a Witness that is regularly visited by elders, missionaries, Bethelites, etc. They are "encouraged" by her experiences, joy and enthusiasm of the "Truth".

    I don't understand totally why she "loves the Truth". But she does. She might even question things in her head and sometimes outwardly does. But she continues to draw strength from her convictions.

    Isn't it possible that an old man like Jack Barr could fall into the same category??

    I'm glad I'm not the ultimate judge of anyone anymore. It's one of the reasons I hated being an elder those last few years.

  • Woody22

    I,m never happy to see anyone die. Sometimes relieved when someone especially a loved one is suffering and in a lot of pain.



    His death doesn`t mean much..The WBT$ is Run by AssH*les..

    The WBT$ will just Grow a New AssH*le..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • DagothUr

    I couldn't care less. I will be happy when the Wanktower Society bites the dust in a most shameful manner. But with just one more dead pawn it's far from beeing check mated.

  • VIII

    Death and Taxes. Both are certain.

    While I am never happy someone dies, I am always puzzeled that people are so surprised when someone, especially elderly, dies.

    I'm even more surprised that people could care that someone they don't know personally dies. Who cares? The average JW wouldn't know this guys name. I asked my mom and she said "Who", is that a friend of yours?" I burst out laughing.

    I'll really be unhappy when it happens to me.

  • Lore

    I'm not going to pretend that I'm never happy when someone dies. But I didn't know enough about Jack Barr to give a crap. . .

    For all I know he may have been the last voice of reason in the GB and his death will allow the remaining members to escalate the insanity to unheard of levels.

    Or he might have been the only one pushing the 'no blood' rule and his death will allow millions of people to get decent health care.

    So are they going to replace him? Do they have a minimum amount of GB members?

  • leavingwt

    I would have preferred that he have an 'awakening' like Ray and become a member of the ex-JW community.

    He was my favorite GB member, when I was at Bethel, with Swingle being a close second.

    We're all going to die.

    I'm thankful that he is no longer actively promoting what is harmful, as a leading member of an international, apocalyptic, destructive, millenarian, fundamentalist, religious high-control group.

  • minimus

    You folks bring out something interesting....We REALLY never knew the man, we don't know what he might've tried to do behind the scenes, whether he was losing it, whether he was a very very old man waiting to die with really, no other place to go. I applaud the Franz family but I know many could not do what he and Cynthia did---and I'll bet he never thought it would come to being kicked out of his only home with no job, no skills, etc.

  • BluesBrother

    Everything I knew and heard about Barr told me that he was a basically decent man who was totally institutionalized into the J W and WTS thing.

    I recall Ray Franz writing that "we are the victims of victims", meaning that the G B are themselves victims of the cult mindset. So I am not happy that he died, and it will not make the WTS any the better.

    Anyway, human life is humanity. lets not rejoice in the death of anybody

  • minimus

    well said, bb!

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