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  • LostGeneration

    I think marrying only in the borg is just another control tool.

    If a woman marries outside the religion, her husband is going to pressure her to stay at home on weekends, weeknights etc. You know, live a normal life.

    Ditto for a man, what woman wants her man to waste his time away from home leading a cult?

    The borg counts on them reinforcing each other. Any marriages outside instantly weaken commitment to the cult

  • dgp

    Clearpoison, I suppose you believe that giving up a perfectly good individual you love to bits is easier if you have other people in your congregation?

    In my humble opinion, whoever made this was nuts, at any time. This person, group or whatever thought that a person's worth depends on what religion he or she follows. We should not be that blind. I have trouble with an Almighty who created, say, Galileo and Albert Schweitzer, and thinks either of them is worse than, say, Rutherford. The fact that this Almighty is supposed to destroy those he so lovingly created, the same people he had Jesus crucified for, doesn't make sense. But that's staying away from the subject.

    Yep, it's "funny" that this is not an action -not an offense, mind you- that does not automatically bring about disfellowshipping.

    This reminds me of a joke they told me some time ago. An Italian man goes to a priest for confession. He tells the priest that he works in the film industry and that last night he got stoned and slept with Sofia Loren. The priest looks at him in the eye and says, "Let me get this straight. You had sex with Sofia Loren, and you're here, you moron, to tell me you're sorry for that?" I was never in, but I think I would gladly give up the wonderful privilege of, say, passing the mikes, for a lovely worldly girl who really loved me. The Big Cruel Man wouldn't destroy me at Armageddon only for that reason, would he? If he meant to do that, wouldn't it be about time for him to rub his lamp and beam some new light about it?

  • jam

    dgp; got you.,point made..

  • jam

    longhair gal; yes without the women in the borg, there would be very little preaching work.

    That,s why they push the scripture to stay single to serve the borg.

  • belbab

    I would like to question the WT interpretation of "marrying only in the Lord". I maintain that marrying only in the Lord is based on what Jesus said about marriage. One does not go out and steal anothers marriage mate. He does not commit adultery. He doesn't rob the cradle for selfish reasons.

    Paul based his advice on marriage on what Jesus taught. That is what he means marry only in the Lord.

    He also said if one burns with passion then he should get married. If no one is available in his environs, then why can't he search elsewhere?

    He said also, Do not become unevenly yoked with an unbeliever. This does not mean that one cannot have a partner in business or other associations and it also includes marriage. Paul said do not be unevenly yoked. If an old man marries a young girl, even if they are both JWs that is being unevenly yoked. If a business partner, is a crook, then associations with him is being unevenly yoked.

    What is a believer? Do unto others as you would want them to do for you. Many people in the world believe in Jesus words. JWs say that only they are believers, the rest of the world is bird food.

    Paul also says that if one is married to an unbeliever he should not leave that person. If that is so, then why can't one go and find a kind, good supporting marriage partner and get married.

    There are a number of cases in the Old Testament, where people were married to non Jews. Moses for one. Solomon had many foreign wives.

    I have written this quickly, I hope you can grasp what I am trying to say.


  • clearpoison

    Dear Dgp, I do not think in those paths at all. Sorry if I gave that impression.

    I just think that there are more sides in this. Paul is telling this is his personal opinion, and he is telling his opinion to save us from trouble. Intentions have been good and they may very well been suitable for the specific time, even with stricktest interpretation. Our human interpretation of rules turned to principle turned to new rule, do not diminish the good intentions that might have been there. That was my point for that part.

    Yes, implementing this view today in hardcore mode is problematic specially for women, for reasons stated earlier.

    This is really not JW only practise. As far as I have understood a catholic girl cannot be wed to a protestant boy in catholic church. Where I live both parties must have been confirmed as members of to the main protestant church if they want to be wed in their church. Even where arranged marriages occur, for example Hindu parents try to find Hindu spouse to their children, or the same applies for moslims. Do people in overall care what your spouse's religion is, in general not that enthusiastically as JW do. There are few religions where person get addressed for plans to marry a non-same-believer or even dedicated a public speech about it. In some religions you might get stoned or throatcut for that, but that is totally another story.


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