America's Most Wanted profiles JW Elder Child Molester

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  • out4good3

    Last night on AMW, they profiled the JW elder child molester. They detailed how he'd planned to be on the run by stashing money all around his house, how he quickly got a divorce when he was being investigated, sold off his assets in a race car business and disappeared. One lady interviewed incognito, told of how he was a trusted member in the congregation with privileges.

    Did anyone else see this segment?

  • DanaBug

    Nope, but I'll be looking on youtube for it.

  • Incognito

    Nobody talked to me about this!

  • Violia

    I saw that and to me it made as much of an impression as the Dateline show. The reason is American's most wanted has a very wide audience , and everyone respects the man who started it. That man has walked the walk and when he speaks people listen.

    Totally hot show. How good does this get?

  • SixofNine

    wow, was this a re-run? Stillconcerned (the lawyer who used to post on this forum and who has battled the WT in child abuse cases) asked me to give the forum a heads-up that they were going to do a show on this guy several years ago. It's been at least 4.5 years since she told me the show had been taped and was going to be shown on AMW. However, for whatever reasons they did not run his story back then.

    I wonder if the show you saw last night had current info on his case?

    Amazing that this schmuck hasn't been caught.

  • asilentone

    He was never an elder. He was MS.

  • Violia

    He was in a position where he had access to women and children. We trusted those guys to be appointed by Jehovah's spirit. There is a high level of trust there.

    It was a great show and seveal times he said " kingdom hall of Jehovah's witnesses'" and they would flash over and show the building. LOL. Lots of folks watch that show. I'd hate to be in FS today.

  • mrsjones5
  • Giordano

    Thanks for the link MJ5, Do Elders take a stupid test? Jeez!

  • Violia

    One of the things that disturbs me the most is that any jws seeing that will see the fact that he was DF as proof that Jehovah keeps his org. clean and he got rid of this prerson. He did not. This animal had 25 years to room free among trusting people. He used every chance to take advantage of the most vulnerable among us, children.

    I was told that Jehovah would set matters straight and to wait on Him. I no longer believe that. People set matters straight and the longer the elders believe that nonsense , the longer this will go on. Crime and sin are different. They are going to have to learn to police themselves and not wait on Jehovah. That thought has allowed rapists and child molesters to walk among decent people. They have to wake up and act like responsible persons.

    25 years and Jehovah finally did something. Great, how many children did he molest?

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