That's it! I'm done!

by Lady Lee 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    My Christmas shopping that is. The tree is up. The shopping is done. I even have my bus tickets for the trip to Montreal.

    oh my maybe I am obsessive-compulsive - well either that or I am just getting pushed to do everything early.

    yea yea that's it. I'm just getting pushed

    hmmmmmm maybe I'll do some baking.

  • tec

    Ooh, baking! I was going to wait to put up the tree until my puppy has the cone of shame off his head (he has stitches in his nose), but all this talk of it makes me want to get a tree up, get the decorations done, and start some christmas baking. All this weekend.


    We'll see :)


  • Gregor

    oh my maybe I am obsessive-compulsive - well either that or I am just getting pushed to do everything early.

    No, Lady, you, like all of us, are simply getting energized by the coming birthday celebration of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. By the way, exactly how old is he going to be this year? I want to say 2042 but I'm not sure. Anyway, have a good time and don't eat too much birthday cake!


    Hey LadyLee!..

    I hope you have an awesome Christmas my Friend..

    (Your Christmas Tree is Beautiful)..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    not into it yet maybe next year....

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks OUTLAW I hope you have a great holiday season too

    FoundSheep I hope so cuz its a lot of fun - a lot of work but it is worth it

    For the first time I will be staying with my younger daughter. I'm looking forward to it

  • nelly136

    snowman alert!!!

    real police report.

  • tec

    Well... my tree is up, Lady Lee, and my living room is changed around to accommodate it :) My grandmother is going to be here in a few more days, so I need to get pictures hung that I haven't done yet since we moved in and the rest of the decorations up. Not that she would ever care, but some people in my family think we got ripped off because we bought a fixer upper house (not foundation wise, this house is strong - but esthetically wise). I want her to actually be happy for us rather than just pretending to be.

    (I love my house, btw - well, as much as I love any kind of material possession)


  • Lozhasleft

    Hubby and I did our Xmas shopping from the sofa Result!! So much easier than trawling the shops....will sort decs out in the next week...happy times eh?

    Loz x

  • Farkel

    lady lee,

    :My Christmas shopping that is.

    I hate you. I had a girlfriend who had all her Christmas shopping done in late March. She only had to buy a few items in the fall to complete her list for the coming Christmas. She had so many perfect miniature Christmas villages with little lights and tons of other Christmas stuff she brought out of her garage into her home that she could have retired had she sold them on e-bay for half their cost. She loved Christmas and lived for it even in the spring.

    I hated that kind of discipline so much that I had to kill her and bury her body at Stonehenge at a Druid ritual right after I started and finished my own typical Christmas shopping at 2:25 am on Christmas morning at the local 7-11 store. There were only 4 items left on all the shelves and I had to buy them all. My young kids got: 1) A tube of paisley lavender Christmas wrapping paper, 2) a 20-pack box of paper clips, 3) a wooden slide-rule and 4) a paper back novel in German. They weren't happy about that, so I had to kill and bury them, too. I'm still learning how to read in German.

    I'm a guy. That's how we shop. Some guys don't kill everybody, though.

    Farkel, Undisciplined CLASS

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