WT Society wants Elders to Conceal Information to Psychiatrists- Elders Bk.

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  • flipper

    SCULLY- Yeah, I agree with you. The WT society is really concerned about covering their anuses legal side for sure. And yes, I did observe MANY crackpots when I used to be a witness inside the congregations pushing their alleged " magic potions ". It was incredible. People pushing herbs, iridology( yes I knew some of them too ) , weird diets, even " magic water " which has powers , allegedly. I never followed any of it because I thought they were nuts and full of BS. But I get your point - elders are instructed to cover WT society's legal behind .

    And yes indeed, a therapist cannot give appropriate help to a person if they don't have access to ALL necessary information . And of course the WTS is paranoid that not ONLY will psychiatrists alter JW's thinking but they are also paranoid about nasty revelations given to outsiders about what goes on inside the cult. Most closed society's or cults foment and create this same paranoia in members as you well know. I just wish the WT society would go away like a bad dream

  • Balsam

    I remember over the years I saw some seriously distrubed witnesses that needed some serious help but the Elders always discouraged mental health help and always told the sick ones to relie on Jehovah. One older gal who was a long time witness flipped her lid and began obsessing over a young brother who was about 15 in the congregation telling everyone she was going to marry him. This sister was a grandmother in her mid-sixties. Well her daughter and son and law tried to have her treated but Elders nixed it and it got so out of hand they were afraid she was going to hurt this boy or his family. She eventually was hospitalized but got out and ended up on the streets as a homeless. Her daughter could not get her to come home where they could take care of her. Eventually they moved away and she remained on the streets. They boy grew up and married a girl his age, and he was always creeped out by this older sister obsession with him.

    There was another sister in her 20's who was seriously unbalanced and pioneering. She also ended up homeless sleeping in a tent in a camp ground because she thought demons were after her. Her family from New York called the KH once trying to trace her because they said she had been diagnoised in NY before she left and she was very very sick and needed medication. But none of the Elders did anything and eventually she just disappeared and no one cared she was gone. I'd hear her family in NY had called several times looking for and the Elders would just say she left the area. No one was even concerned about this gal or wanted to deal with her.

    I saw this over and over again the 30 years I was a JW, it is sad.


  • ziddina
    "I know of several JWs in the various Congregations TM we attended that recommended all manner of alternative therapies, ranging from iridology ..... to hair sampling, to weird diets and such. ..."

    I could see the "hair sampling" if one suspected that one was being poisoned... Errr, I mean, by arsenic or cyanide or heavy metals, as opposed to being "poisoned" by religious mis-interpretations and lies...


  • flipper

    BALSAM- Like yourself I saw so MANY times elders just ignoring witnesses mental problems by telling them to study more, go out in service, or comment more at meetings. Or to " just pray ". The liability involved on the WT society's part and elders part is horrendous. If it was counted how many people have committed suicide after leaving the witnesses or stopping- I imagine it would be very high. Those 2 experiences you shared show how much people depressed are shoved into a corner or swept underneath a carpet without getting proper professional counseling. Thanks for sharing those sad experiences.

    ITSACULT- I agree. Elders ARE crackpots and so are their leades the GB of the WT society.

    ZIDDINA- Good point you make. I think JW's need to be more concerned with the misrepresentations and religious lies being told to them than any crackpot cures in their congregations. Then hopefully they'll wise up and leave the cult - and the crackpots ! LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • JRK

    Studying the KS-10 in bed on Sunday morning? I can think of better things to do! Give Mrs. Flipper a hug for me.

    It is all about covering their asses. Simple, succinct, and transparent. Like everything they do; lowest common denominator shit.


  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    I had to go to a sister's house once with an elder out in service, he asked me to go with him because he couldn't go in alone, he told me we needed to "encourage" her.

    I knew this sister had mental disorders, but she was SUICIDAL! He was turning to the publications on "remaining in God's love" & turned to a page of a picture of a shepherd holding a lamb...asking her to describe the picture & illustrating how Jeh is there for you like a shepherd & picks you up and puts you in the folds of his robe...protecting you like a lamb. WTF! I am not a mental-health professional! I didn't know what to do, I was ill prepared & the elder told me before going in to leave the talking to him, he just needed someone else in the room!

    AARG...I wish I had grown a pair then

    Flipper- I send you a PM, Thanks!


  • truthlover

    It says" Whether a Christian or his family pursues treatment from psychiatrists, psychologists or therapists IS A PERSONAL MATTER...

    This is where a lot of emotions come into play - the elders, whom you should trust, are giving "scriptural" counsel, the one receiving such counsel looks on them as god like and right in their decision making yet when a person needs that help - they should be encouraged to visit a professional, after scriptural admonition has been given.. talks with the rest of the family should be indicated so that everyone is on the same page, cause as we all know - a person in an emotional state should be monitored closely.... and bloodguilt comes into play at this point -- what if you counsel them not to go period! - then they commit suicide..who is at fault?? The ones who counseled that one are at fault -- had that happen in the cong.. -- she killed herself, then came all the dirt on her, then came the apostate and she will not be resurrected!! -- Who says!!

    Jehovah knows that one's heart and mind at the time - only Jesus can judge and Mediate for her... we cant judge.

    I went to her memorial service at the funeral hall anyway..

    Not to pat myself on the back by letting you know, just that I do not agree and did not agree with the supidity of the elders stance -they did not attend..

    The funderal home was packed..

  • flipper

    JRK- Hey dude ! Nice hearing from you ! I can think of better things to do than reading elders manuals also ! Great minds think alike ! Yeah, I know it's all about covering their large WT behinds for sure ! I'll give the Mrs. a hug for you guy.

    COFFEE HOUSE GIRL- Hey Coffee, thanks for the PM, I PMed you back , thanks ! ! It's so weird how elders try " helping " people who are depressed or suicidal. They think just praying, or doing personal study or more field service will stop a person's depression. Truth be told, it just makes them MORE depressed ! I'm sure that was a wake up call for you observing that elder talk to the suicidal person. It's really sad.

    TRUTHLOVER- You make some really good points ! The liability incurred by elders telling suicidal people NOT to go to professional counseling would be staggering. I'm glad you went to the funeral of the friend who had died. It's really sad that elders didn't go though. I had an inactive friend in 2003 die, and they held his funeral in a funeral home. Lots of witnesses came and some elders, but not a lot. I think they just have so much fear of what they know NOTHING about that they get scared away thinking God's lightning bolt will hit them or something. I dunno. It's crazy

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this up if any wanted to comment


    Are not the elders selected by the Holy Spirit TM ?

    So, if the elder is depressed, after being hand selected by the Holy Spirit TM itself...did the Holy Spirit TM fail???


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