Russia get the World Cup? WTF?

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  • oldlightnewshite

    So Russia get the 2018 Soccer World Cup, and Qatar get the 2022 World Cup. It's a real shame that they gave it to such crap venues. Who's gonna want to go to Russia? And who on earth is gonna want to go to Qatar? Al Qaeda is gonna be doing some forward planning, that's a fact. Playing footy in 50 degree temperatures will be certainly interesting. I think the Russian mafia must've given a hefty donation to FIFA to get the venue. Bloody Sepp Blatter!

    What's next after these? Afghanistan? North Korea? Iran?

    They've knackered my favourite sport!

  • simon17

    Nah, nothing wrong with these choices. Its nice they are spreading it around. The Middle East loves soccer as much as the rest of the world so they deserve to have one and I guess Qatar is about the best, least controversial place they could have it. Isn't that country extremely rich? I suppose they could have had it at U.A.B. which would be even better.

    And Al Qaeda would never, ever, ever go near a World Cup event, even if it was in America. The World Cup is the most popular thing in the world. Everyone would turn against them. Even Muslims love soccer. Thats like one step down from attacking Mohammed.

    And whats wrong with Russia? I'd love to go to Russia?

  • oldlightnewshite

    Russia? The whole place is bent. So much corruption. You can get pulled over by traffic cops, and if you don't give them a bribe, you're screwed. I fear that the Russian mafia might try to affect some of the games. I think a lot of fans will just give the place a wide berth. I don't think there'll be much atmosphere at that World Cup. The sentiment was good, but I just don't think Russia is ready for it. As for Qatar, I think Australia would've been better....

  • PSacramento

    If they gave it to South Africa and it went well....

  • cantleave

    Putin knew he had it in the bag, that's why he didn't turn up. I wonder what was paid?

  • cofty

    Obviously Russia's bribes to the 22 great and good of FIFA were bigger than ours.

    FIFA are a bunch of crooks, there was a documentary on Monday evening exposing 10s of millions of bribes to FIFA. I also think there is a real danger that Russian mafia will interfere in the competition.

  • simon17

    Russia? The whole place is bent. So much corruption. You can get pulled over by traffic cops, and if you don't give them a bribe, you're screwed.

    Ok, well that rules out two thirds of the world then...

  • JWinprotest

    Sorry for disagreeing PSacramento, South Africa did not go well. A large portion of the tickets were given away just to fill the stadiums due to a lack of sales.

    A lot of people on the selection committee got rich over these 2. Unfortunately because of FIFA's history, it doesn't matter what process they're involved in, it will be questioned for legitamacy.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I agree with cantleave. Plus i know that palms have to be greased in Russia to do anything even when our engineers were requested by the Russians to go over to fix plant. All the rest of their machinery used to be covered up and hidden in sheets while our engineers were there. Taxi drivers and airport officials all have to be bribed to ensure a quick trip with no holdups or unnecessary delays.

  • oldlightnewshite

    I've just heard they reckon it's gonna cost about 8-9 billion roubles, yet at the end of all the skimming, kick-backs and green handshakes they reckon as much as 100 billion roubles. People like the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will make tons of money out of this. He is a gangster and a killer. It's well known he's made lots of people disappear.

    As for Qatar, they don't allow drinking in public, they still don't give rights to women, and they don't recognize the nation of Israel. I would fuckin love it if Israel won the world cup! (as if). The traditional scenes of revellers enjoying a beer, and scantily clad south American lovelies painted in their team colours will not be tolerated. They will enjoy their World Cup either being flogged, or deported.

    What a bloody farce. It's going to be phenominally crap. Shame on FIFA.

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